7 Reasons to Include Squalane Oil in Your Skin Care Regime

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Squalane oil is obtained by the hydrogenation of natural squalene that makes it a saturated one. Squalene is a natural compound that is already present in your body, but its production slows down when you are in the mid or late twenties, which in turn results in aging and dryness. However, to make it commercially, it is extracted from many plants like wheat germ, olive, palm trees, etc. It is unsaturated, so it turns stale faster. Thus, the hydrogenation is necessary as the process makes the oil saturated with a longer shelf life. Also, you can find squalane oil in anti-ageing skin care products, moisturizing products, anti-acne creams and sunblocks as well. Thus, I’m listing down seven reasons to explain why you should add squalane oil to your beauty routine.

how to use squalane on face

1. Moisturizes the skin:

Squalane oil is lightweight in texture and gets absorbed into the skin quite easily. Since squalane is naturally found in your body, it penetrates deep into the skin without any effort. It is rather an excellent moisturizer that makes the skin soft, hydrated and plump. Hence, it reduces the chances of premature ageing as well.

7 Reasons to Include Squalane Oil in Your Skin Care Regime2

2. Treats dry lips and eye areas:

Some women may find their eye area to be quite drying. If you are having dryness around the eye areas and have sensitive skin, you can give squalane oil a shot. It will work as it is already found in the body and does not cause any irritation or inflammation as well. It will handle the dryness of that delicate area very efficiently. Aside from this, squalane oil is also beneficial in treating dry and chapped lips. It reverses the damaging done to your lips and keeps them soft and plump.

7 Reasons to Include Squalane Oil in Your Skin Care Regime3

3. Balances oil secretion:

Squalane oil can balance the production of excess sebum in your body. It provides an oil-free finish to your skin, which makes it suitable for oily-skinned women. But, before slathering the squalane oil on your skin, do remember that a little amount of oil goes a long way. Otherwise, it can do more harm than any good.

7 Reasons to Include Squalane Oil in Your Skin Care Regime4

4. Antibacterial properties:

Squalane oil is quite potent with antibacterial attributes. It helps in banishing the acne-causing bacteria and keeps your skin healthy and acne free for long. When squalane oil is used with the right amount over acne-prone skin, it does not clog up the pores and keeps them free from bacteria. Aside from this, squalane oil is beneficial in keeping many skin disorders at bay.

7 Reasons to Include Squalane Oil in Your Skin Care Regime6

5. Anti-ageing effects:

Squalane oil is quite hydrating in nature and makes your skin super soft. Dehydrated skin causes fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane oil makes your skin plump and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane is the natural part of your skin and gets easily absorbed without leaving any residue, and repairs the damaged skin as well. It helps in making your skin healthy and youthful.

6. Protection from UV rays:

Squalane oil has the ability to protect your skin from several environmental factors. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays, and this is the reason why you will find this ingredient in many broad spectrum sunblocks. Aside from this, it does not increase the sun sensitivity of your skin. It efficiently helps in treating sun spots and age spots. Since it provides protection from UV rays, it helps in protecting your skin from free radicals as well. Also, it helps in neutralizing the free radicals and reduces the chances of premature aging. Thus, when squalane oil is used on the skin, it repairs all the damages and makes it healthy.

7. Non-comedogenic:

Since squalane oil is already present in the skin, hence when used with the right amount, there is less chance of getting clogged pores. It does penetrate deep into the skin and does not leave any oily or sticky residue behind. Aside from this, squalane oil helps in preventing acne-causing bacteria and keeps your skin clean and acne-free.

7 Reasons to Include Squalane Oil in Your Skin Care Regime1

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