7 Rules to Look Enticing in Monotone Outfits

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It is considered that a perfect blend of two (or more) contrasting colors comprises a classy outfit look but it is a mere misconception. Moreover, monotones are generally avoided only because of the fallacy “monotone outfits look boring and it is not simple to carry them.” Monotone outfits are great to wear on special occasions if you pick an apt color and style it with ease. In this post, I will tell you different ways to look ravishing in monotone apparels.


1. Choose the colors which compliment your skin tone
girl in a green outfit
We girls are well-versed in choosing colors, especially when it comes to apparels. Monotones can simply make you look terrific if you select the colors which suit you the most. Imagine a plain merlot-colored sheath dress and a multi-color maxi gown. Merlot sheath dress would seem more preferable than the maxi gown because merlot is a shade which compliments almost all skin tones. Off-white, black, red, Marsala and olive green shades are considered to be apt for monotone apparels.

2. Mix and match the stuff with varying tones
gigi hadid
A color has various shades and tones, thus we can style a specific color in so many ways. Monotone outfits are great option not only for the casual wear but also for outings. For example, fern green will set perfect with olive green which means you can pair a fern green scarf with an olive green jumpsuit/dress. The same goes for other colors, but the rule does not apply on all shades. It should be your smart decision to combine the hues of a specific shade.

bling monotone
3. Choose accessories in neutral shade or in a contrasting hue
Now we have accessories to bring significance to this overall monotone look. To justify the simplicity of this look, you can grab a statement piece of chunk jewellry with colorful crystals. If you want to keep the overall look even simpler, you can look for a sassy headpiece. The color of the accessory you are pairing with the outfit should be in any neutral color or in a contrasting shade. Mustard yellow with royal blue, teal blue with wine red and emerald green with soft pink are one of the popular contrasts that you can try.

models in monotone outfits

4. Add the sparge of bling to glamorize the look
Breaking the monotony has its own delectation. By adding some bling (certainly colorful bling), you can look even more enticing in the monotone apparel. From your nail polish to your clutch/hand bag, you can incorporate the glitter to any of the portion. You can do the same with your accessories, if you do not prefer the glitz on your hand bag.

5. Wear light to moderate makeup
Makeup plays an essential role carrying a particular look. Your makeup shall either make you stand out of the rush or it will ruin it all. Monotone outfits are prone to get attention as compared to other patterns. So, while wearing a monotone dress, your makeup should be light to moderate.

celebrities in monotone outfits

6. Avoid any textured or exaggerated patterns
I have already mentioned above that we do not need to make efforts to look nice while wearing monotones. Thus, you can avoid monotone outfits with heavy textures or exaggerated patterns such as peplum or any other style.

7. Avoid accessories of the same color
Do you remember the school days, where we used to wear ribbons and socks matching with the color of tie or skirt? Now imagine the outfits and accessories in a same shade. Both these looks will seem similar. So avoid pairing the accessories of the same color that matches to that of the outfit.

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