7 Signs You Need a Haircut ASAP!

By Anshu Bhatia

Hi my angels!
How are you doing? With the change in weather, I have kind of started renewing my wardrobe. I have added some cotton tops, kurtas, cool dressy blouses to keep myself light for everyday commuting in summers. Though I sort my clothes, footwear, even makeup bits for the next day before going to bed but still there is something which starts bothering me as soon as I wake up. It’s my hair. I feel totally blank about my hair. I don’t really know what to do with them anymore. I wear my prettiest kurta, my best natural looking makeup and then I end up sitting idle in front of mirror, trying to style my hair and I GET LATE. This and many other signs are asking me to take an appointment with my hairdresser. I’ll be getting a haircut any day from now. Do you need one? Please read on to confirm. I have tried to keep it light and humorous, hehehe!


1. Sudden dramatic depression when you start combing your hair

bad hair dayWith comb in your hand, you know that sadness taking over you. No matter how delicately or vigourously you are going to comb, your hair are going to act like a stubborn spoilt brat. The meaningless combing leads to more tangles, breakage and ultimately headache for the rest of the day.

2. Best of the best shampoo, conditioners, dry shampoos etc seem useless

bottlesTo bring your zombie hair back to life, you are on a crazy shopping spree. Asking strangers with good hair about products they use and even using your sibling’s shampoo secretly because he/she has better hair than you at this moment. Every time you wash your hair, you expect a miracle. You wish to look like Rapunzel but you end up looking like Cruella De Vil.

3. Straightener has become your best friend

To escape all the struggle, you run and hug your beloved straightener like Yash Raj’s heroine embraces the hero. You know it’s frying your hair, the damage is enormous but still you choose the flat iron. Deep down inside you hate this straight, a bit managed, boring hair every day but you don’t really have any other option.

4. None of the hair tutorials is helping you

YouTube is your last ray of hope. You search for hair tutorials for bad hair days. You find so many but not even a single video is helping in taming your wild tresses. You try a stylish messy bun, then you realize, ‘Ohh! That’s me after I become grandma’. These tutorials are bringing out the deepest frustration and even tears.

5. You are turning down invites

noNo matter how well you are dressing up, putting best of your makeup, you are still not confident. Reason – your hair as you know is not going to behave at all. You miss all the parties, even the ones where your crush was coming. You don’t want to scare your crush looking like Grandma Death battling her eyes trying to look cute (refer Roberta Sparrow from movie Donnie Darko).

6. You are spending a lot in hair salons

salonInstead of troubleshooting the real culprit, you are aiming at wrong points. Spa, hair treatments, setting, long sessions of blow drying, straightening and curling are giving your short term results. Despite spending half of your salary or full pocket money in salons, you are not happy with your hair.

7. It has been ages since you got a compliment for your hair

Oh! Have you started recalling already? If you don’t have a fresh memory of a compliment, you definitely need a haircut. Trust me they will come in heaps. Everyone notices and appreciates a new haircut. Compliments are confident boosters.

I hope I have motivated you enough for a haircut. Without that much needed haircut, you are going to have a bad hair day every day. A nice haircut totally changes the way you look. It helps in getting rid of those dead splits and discolored ends and adds volume. Texture comes back and your hair starts looking alive again. Don’t want length to be shortened? Get bangs, or trim for a nice side sweep. Let me quote Coco Chanel here, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. This is it for now ladies; stay beautiful inside out!

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