7 Simple Tips To Wake Up Your Work Wardrobe

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I am sure most of you have to go to office regularly (unless you are a lucky freelancer or work-at-home person). Besides the challenge of just getting up, many of us dread the whole process of choosing appropriate office wear. I know it’s great to have a uniform that’s comfortable, formal and reliable, but sometimes you need to give yourself something new to wear. It can really up your game! So, here are some easy tips to give your daily work wear a new spin.

7 Simple Tips To Wake Up Your Work Wardrobe

Introduce stripes:

If you find yourself standing in front of your closet looking at a sea of solid-colored basics, there is no better way to add a little oomph than to introduce some stripes. They never go out of style! So if bold colors are not your forte, try stripes in sober colors like brown, navy blue, grey or maroon.

Stripes shirt for work

2.  Add white pumps:

I know every office-going lady swears by her black pumps, but why not bring her twin sister to your closet? White pumps look super chic and you can easily add a dressy element to an otherwise plain outfit. Think of a black formal dress and white pumps and a white tote. You would look grab eyeballs as soon as you step in action.

White pumps for work

3.  Switch to culottes and palazzo:

Do you find yourself reaching for your black trousers every day? Why don’t you take a break and instead revel in the culottes-palazzo trend? Solid black, grey or even midnight blue palazzos and culottes can be paired with tops and blazers for a laid-back glamour.

Wearing culottes for work

4.  Pop it up:

Nothing conveys confidence like a pop of bright color. Don’t be shy! One piece can be enough, so pair a clothing item or an accessory with a neutral base. For example, try wearing a colorful blazer and shoulder bag with a crisp white shirt and trouser. You will surely command attention.

5. Switch your jewellery:

As insignificant as it sounds, just changing a pair of earrings or pendant can give you uplifted vibes. So why not switch your diamond studs for simple pearl earrings and see how different you look and feel?

Wearing earrings for work

6.  Embrace androgyny:

For a change, suppress your feminine side with menswear-inspired clothing. Clean cuts and workplace professionalism combine to give chic pantsuits, waistcoats with white shirt and dark trousers. You can effortlessly rock these for even a “9 to 5” desk job.

7. Play with fabrics:

You don’t have to stick with materials like cotton for work wear. Add a twist to your daily wear by playing with fabrics like silk and georgette. Replace your crisp white shirt with silk blouses or woven formal tops. You will definitely be the style icon of your workplace.

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