7 Skin Care Ingredients that Cause Acne Breakouts

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We have become quite smart when it comes to purchasing makeup and skin care products. Usually, we see the ingredients list and then, buy a particular product to flaunt a healthy skin. But, certain ingredients can cause more harm to your skin, especially if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin. In this post, we will be discussing those skin care ingredients that can cause acne breakouts unknowingly. So, let’s read it further.

7 Skin Care Ingredients that Cause Acne Breakouts main

1. Exfoliating beads:

Exfoliating beads do not cause acne solely but, if you are having acne already, then it may increase the occurrence. They can break up the cystic acne and lead to the bacterial infection. Aside from this, if the exfoliating beads are too harsh, they can ultimately contribute to the occurrence of acne. So, make sure to avoid using products that contain exfoliating beads.

Face wash with exfoliating beads

2. Alcohol:

Considerably, we all know that alcohol dries out the skin excessively, which in turn, leads to the excessive sebum production. In order to keep it hydrated and moisturized, it makes the skin oilier than before. Thus, you must definitely avoid using skin care products that contain alcohol. At least, do not go for them unless there are other ingredients like glycerine that can negate the effects of alcohol.

3. Parabens:

Parabens are used to increase the shelf life of the products, and they inhibit the growth of moulds, bacteria, and fungi. But, it can cause skin inflammation and acne breakouts. They are considered to be highly toxic and have the capability to disrupt the hormones thereby, causing more breakouts.

4. Coconut oil:

There are many facial oils out there to treat acne, but coconut oil falls into the category of comedogenic products. While it helps in treating the acne but, it actually does more damage to the oily skin. It clogs up the pores and increases the number of breakouts, especially for oily-skinned women. However, you can use coconut oil for the other areas except for your face.

Coconut oil

5. Mineral oil:

Mineral oil is highly comedogenic in nature that can clog up your pores and increase the number of breakouts. It increases the risk of blackheads and whiteheads, too. In any case, usage of products containing mineral oil is not advisable as even the presence of it in high-end skin care products also have the capability to clog up the pores. Not to mention, it is highly toxic and does not give any benefits to the skin.

7 Skin Care Ingredients that Cause Acne Breakouts collage

6. Artificial fragrance:

Artificial fragrances are widely used in many skin care and makeup products. They are added into the products to make them smell wonderful. But, a very few people know that the artificial fragrance might also lead to the breakouts. The artificial fragrance has the capability to irritate the skin and might be the reason for allergies as well. It could be the reason for the inflamed pimples and can make your skin more sensitive.

7. Synthetic lanolin:

Lanolin is derived from the sheep’s wool and is quite potent in providing nourishment to the skin. It has a thick, emollient texture. However, naturally derived lanolin is not bad for the skin, but the synthetically derived lanolin is bad for the skin. It can definitely cause the skin to break out more. And, products with lanolin often contains synthetic derivatives.

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