7 Snack Ideas to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

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I can now finally say that winters have arrived here in Delhi in full swing. I am all snuggled up in a quilt while writing this article. How are things at your part of the world? In winters, the sudden urge to eat something sweet reaches an all-new height. I even find myself in the middle of the night looking for snacks. In today’s post, let’s talk about some snack ideas to curb your sweet tooth which you can try in all seasons.

Snack ideas to curb your sweet tooth1

1. Dark chocolate
Natural dark chocolate (containing no less than 80% of cocoa) is good for your heart, your brain and also helps to control blood sugar. Chocolate can also lift up your mood as it stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, although do not go all out on chocolate; moderation is the key here.

2. Frozen yogurt with berries
Snack ideas to curb your sweet tooth2

Yogurt is easier to digest than milk. It’s a very healthy and light snack, rich in calcium and vitamins necessary for healthy functioning of the body while berries help concentrate better and stimulate the work of the brain; they are rich in vitamins and low in calories. All you need to do is mix up some Greek yoghurt and with some fresh berries. Refrigerate it and enjoy the delicious snack.

3. Smoothies
They are healthy, fruity, creamy and taste really delicious. You can make different variants of smoothies to satiate your sweet tooth. You can particularly go for a smoothie using a banana and some berries to make it sweet and delicious.

4. Chocolate popcorn
I can eat popcorn for hours and still not be satisfied. You can give a twist to the original popcorns by adding a tablespoon of honey or peanut butter and a dusting of cocoa powder over them. This recipe will not blow up your diet and will be really nice and tasty.

5. Dates and almond butter
Snack ideas to curb your sweet tooth3

You can refrigerate this snack and eat it whenever you are all down and out. This will serve as a great pick-me-up kind of food. To make this, slice the dates on one side, remove the pit. Add almond butter to the hollow area and squeeze the date back together. You have to try them to see how heavenly they taste together.

6. Baked apples with cinnamon
Snack ideas to curb your sweet tooth4

Just bake an apple and sprinkle some cinnamon over it and enjoy. You will get all the benefits of an apple as you know “an apple a day keeps the doc away!” You can also try other fruits like pear or berries and also add maple syrup to them topped with some nuts.

7. Banana-peanut butter ice cream
Don’t be alarmed by the heavy name; the ice cream contains only 150 calories per serving! You just need to take 2 bananas, peel them, cut them into pieces and refrigerate. After 2 hours, take it out and add 1 tablespoon natural creamy peanut butter to it. Blend them and freeze to get the texture of an ice-cream.

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  1. I love dark chocolate (70% or more dark) and dates a lot. I have major sweet tooth and they have actually helped me curb my hunger and control my weight.

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