7 Steps To Making Your Nose Look Sharper and Slimmer

Today’s post is all about the ways in which you can make your nose look sharper and slimmer right away by making use of some simple makeup tricks. We already know that celebrities spend thousands and thousands of dollars on plastic surgery that can help them get a sharper and slimmer-looking nose. This only goes to show that getting your nose to look sharper and slimmer can totally redefine your face and make it look more shapely and chiseled. However, it’s great to know that neither is it necessary nor is it advisable for you to go under the knife to redefine your facial features. Makeup is a powerful tool when used correctly and inventively. So, let’s take a look at the seven simple steps that can help you get a slimmer and sharper looking nose.

7 Steps To Making Your Nose Look Sharper and Slimmer

How to Make Nose Look Sharper and Slimmer

1. Prep and prime your nose:

The first and most important step to applying makeup (especially when you’re using more than two or three products) is to prep and prime the skin properly. The skin on your nose can tend to be quite problematic. While it is excessively oily for some, it can be dry and flaky for many others. So that your makeup sits right on your nose and lasts through the day, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your skin thoroughly.

contour nose

2.  Apply foundation as you normally would:

Before you begin to apply contouring and highlighting makeup that will help flesh out the shape of your nose, it’s important to apply foundation as you normally would. This will help even out your skin tone and will allow the other makeup products to blend in more seamlessly. If you require concealing any darkness, redness or spots around your nose, you should do that at this stage using a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly. Don’t set this with powder just yet.

3.  Use a concealer in a lighter shade:

As the next step, take a concealer (liquid formula preferably) that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply this along the bridge of your nose and gently blend it in using a damp makeup sponge or a concealer brush. This will give your nose a slightly more elongated look.

4.  Use a concealer in a darker shade:

Now, take a liquid or cream concealer in a colour that is a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Using a pointed or narrow concealer brush, apply this just along the sides of your nose. Make sure to draw thin lines on either side of the nose. Gently blend these lines in using a fluffy concealer brush or a damp makeup sponge.

5.  Apply a highlighting powder:

A finely milled highlighting powder with golden hues is ideal for this purpose. Take this highlighting product on a fluffy brush and apply it along the length of the bridge of your nose. This will help set the concealer in the lighter shade and will add impact to its highlighting effect. Make sure that your highlighter is not overtly glittery or shimmery.

6.  Go in with a contouring powder:

In a similar manner, use a cool-toned contouring powder along the sides of your nose to set the concealer in the darker shade. Make sure not to use a shimmer-infused bronzer for this purpose. The ideal product to use for this purpose is a cool-toned and matte contouring powder. Use a pointed brush to apply this product and then a fluffy brush to blend it out.

Contouring nose

7.  Contour the rest of your face:

Finally, it’s extremely important to contour your cheekbones and forehead. Follow this up with blush, lipstick and eye makeup. Contouring the rest of your face will draw attention away from the contoured effect on your nose and will lend your face a naturally contoured look while making your nose slimmer and sharper.

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