7 Stunning Ways to Style a Saree to Hide a Heavy Waist

I am sure there are many girls like me who have a heavy waist, and do not like to reveal their problem areas while wearing a saree. So, here are some important styling tricks to don the six yards of elegance without revealing your tummy.

7 Stunning Ways to Style a Saree to Hide a Heavy Waist

Wear it with a long blouse

long saree blouse

It isn’t necessary that you have to wear a saree with a short blouse. Pair it up with a long blouse or even a shirt to exude a classy appeal. Our fashion favorite Sonam often wears such outfits and she manages to stun every time.

Choose your fabric with care

silk saree dia mirza

A well-chosen fabric is half the battle won. If you are not too confident about showing off your stomach, choose fabrics that are thicker and opaque. Avoid chiffon or net which are a little transparent and tend to show off the skin underneath. Opt for slightly heavier fabrics like brocade, silk, crepe, printed georgettes and thick cottons. These can help to hide the flab.

How you drape it

saree draping style

When wearing a long blouse, it is of utmost importance that you drape the saree in a way that it highlights your best assets. The wisest way is to hang your pallu loose, showing off a designer long blouse. In a regular pallu while wearing a long blouse, you end up looking broader. So the best thing to do when you want to conceal the stomach is letting your saree pallu flow.

Draw attention elsewhere

heavy saree blouse

The key to taking away attention from a certain body part is drawing attention somewhere else. So you can wear a ruffled blouse, a blouse with an open back and embroidered neckline so as to shift focus away from your tummy.

Try layering

saree with stylish jacket

If there is one trend that the fashion police is going gaga over that is layering up. And who says you have to wear your saree the conventional way? Drape a saree with a non-conservative blouse and throw on a cape or a jacket on top. It looks hot and so unique! Plus, it takes away the attention from the heavier waist region. Win-win!

Accessorize properly

best accessories with saree

Choose your accessories and footwear with care. Try not to add too many chunky pieces; opt for statement makers like chandelier earrings and vintage rings. Also wear heels to give an illusion of height, which will slender out your overall frame.

Carry your confidence

look confident in a saree

The key to looking flawless and carrying off the saree with great flair is the way you walk in it. You need to be comfortable in what you wear and confident that you look gorgeous. I am sure your aura will attract more gazes than a not-so-perfect waist.

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