7 Surprising Reasons why you are Still Overweight

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How are you doing ? A shout out to everyone making efforts to get healthy and lose weight. It’s a real struggle and a task with a number of hurdles. A friend of mine was on diet but she couldn’t lose weight. She was making so much efforts but result was rather disappointing. So, she took the help of a dietitian and came to know about the reasons she wasn’t losing weight. When I got to know them through her, I felt like writing this post to share them with all you beauties.

1. You didn’t train your metabolism:

What is metabolism? It’s the chemical process which includes everything your body does to turn food into energy and keep you going. Most people who are struggling with weight complain of slow metabolism. To train and speed it up –
Exercising, running and swimming which tend to make you intake more oxygen.
• Take omega 3 rich food; replace your tea coffee with green tea.
• Have a timely breakfast (get started in AM).
• Choose organic food, the toxins and pesticides lock your metabolism by interfering with your thyroid.

2. You’re being low on protein:

high calorie food
Enough amount of protein in your diet is very important while you’re on your weight loss mission. Protein boosts metabolism and helps you in eating fewer calories per day. Your cravings and desire for snacking become lesser. A common side effect of losing weight is slowdown of metabolism, which is prevented by a high protein diet. Also, you won’t regain weight dramatically.

3. You’re distracted while eating:

If you watch TV and eat side by side, this could be a reason you are over eating and hence, not losing weight. Don’t be distracted while you are on diet. Every time you have a meal, sit calmly and enjoy that hearty bowl of oats or salad. Chew your food properly. Don’t be hasty. Keep sipping water in-between. Studies have proven that eating mindfully helps in reducing weight and curbing on binge eating.

4. You’re on a sitting job:

If your job makes you stick to your chair for long periods of time, your body might not be making ‘lipase’ which is an enzyme that absorbs fat. Try to keep your body active even during that busy schedule. Stand and walk, stretch your body. Choose stairs over lift. Bounce in your chair, tap your feet against ground and increase your calorie burn.

5. Your cheat day is the culprit:

Cheat day doesn’t really mean you need to cheat your diet plan and splurge on your cravings blindly. Cheat day is a great idea to calm your cravings and feel emotionally great about it. But, make sure you are not accumulating calories. Drink lots of water on your cheat day so that even if you eat junk food, you eat in less quantity. Don’t forget you need to watch what you eat.

6. Your diet has sugar:

watermelon lemonade
If you have cut on colas and other drinks like it, kudos. I know it’s hard to not have your favorite fizz for weeks but replacing it with that vitamin flavored low calorie water isn’t healthy either. It has lots of sugar. Even fruit juices have lots of sugar. Don’t consume them in large amount. Go for smoothies and concentrate of flavors rather than sweetness of the drink.

7. You are binge eating:

If you give an excuse that all that binge-eating includes healthy foods only, like nuts, dark chocolate, nut butter and all, you are literally ruining all that effort. This is a totally no-no if you want to lose weight. Healthy foods also have calories and at the end of the day, your body is left with huge amount of calories.

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