7 Things That Are Making Your Makeup Dirty

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In today’s post, let’s look at what’s making our makeup products dirty and how we can keep our precious makeup stuff neat and clean.

7 Things That Are Making Your Makeup Dirty

1. Using dirty fingers:

Using your hands for applying makeup on the face is not only convenient but can also give you a nice and natural-looking finish. Whenever you are applying makeup, make sure to wash your hands properly using a hand wash and wipe them off with a cloth. Using dirty hands and fingers will blend in the bacteria with makeup on your face which can make your makeup products dirty and your face acne prone!

2. Not washing the brushes regularly:

Dirty brushes collect bacteria and leave them on the surface of your skin and in your makeup. Your brushes should be washed at least once a week. When you use dirty brushes on your makeup products and then use them on your face, then that will definitely make your powdered makeup products dirtier and also will not give you that flawless finish.


3. Exposing makeup to high temperatures:

Beauty products go bad if they are exposed to high temperatures. They can change consistency, colour and become breeding ground for the bacteria. So leaving your makeup bag in a car for longer intervals during the day might not be a good idea.

4. Keeping products in your stash for too long:

This one is quite obvious. Would you ever eat an expired food item? Obviously not! Then, why use expired makeup products which may have gone bad without you even realising! Chuck your products when they have hit the expiration mark as after that the antibacterial agents in makeup start to break down and make your makeup unsafe to use.

5.  Sharing mascara or eyeliner:

Some makeup products like eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and many more are not meant to be shared. Especially, makeup that goes near our eyes has more chances of catching bacteria quickly. This to and fro passing of products can make these products really dirty and not suitable for use.


6. Keeping eye makeup after an eye infection:

It may be really hard to throw away all your eye makeup but if you have recently suffered from an eye infection and used those products, then it is time to throw them all away as that particular product can now re-infect your eye very easily.

7. Not cleaning your makeup bag:

We have the habit of throwing all our makeup in a makeup bag, some of us are really clumsy that we don’t even cover the products properly and leave the brushes susceptible to all the dirt and grime. This practice can really make our makeup products dirty. So, always use separate compartments in your makeup bag, remember to put the lid on and put your makeup brushes in separate cases.

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