7 Things to Remember for a Happy Pregnancy!

Are you pregnant?!! If yes, congratulations and welcome to an all new journey!! Your life will change drastically from now on, and you need to take care of yourself even more; being fit both emotionally and physically plays a very important role in having a healthy baby and getting through the pregnancy strong! Just remember these things.

pregnancy test

1. Ask your friends or family members for a doctor they have paid visit to, so that you know she is reliable enough. Book your first pre-natal appointment as soon as that home pregnancy test shows two lines, confirming your pregnancy. Tell the doc about any medications that you may be taking or any issues that you may be facing. Never be quiet when it comes to pregnancy, as it may lead to complications in the future. Always trust your doctor.


2. Okay, you must stop believing “Eat for two”. You do not necessarily need to eat for two people; instead you need to add on those extra three hundred calories per day. Are you craving that chocolate ice-cream or those yummy mangoes? Indulge yourself, but in the right portion! Keeping yummy food aside, try to consume more proteins and calcium in your everyday diet, and bid goodbye to caffeine for a while. Consuming raw fish, runny eggs, unpasteurized dairy products should be on your “NO” list! It is obvious, but worth mentioning – quit smoking; even if it is passive, it is harmful for your baby and absolutely non-negotiable!

prenatal vitamins

3. Your doctor will advise you to take folic acid as soon as it is found you’re pregnant. In the second and third trimesters, Iron, Calcium, Zinc tablets are equally important. This ensures that your body never runs short of these essential vitamins and the nutrients in them! Your baby needs all of these and so does your body, so do not miss out on them, no matter what!!

4. Do not skip your exercise! I know you may be lazy and just not in the mood for it, but get up, put those sneakers on and go for a walk; it is that easy! Join a prenatal yoga class if you are more of the meditation types. Do not push yourself beyond what you can handle!

prenatal exercise

5. Rest is very important during pregnancy, so try to get some sleep or just give yourself time to relax either by reading a book or just listening to your favorite tracks!! Your body needs rest, so give it a break. And why don’t you want any, when your in-laws, your parents and your husband will suddenly turn into “PAMPERING ANGELS”!


6. Try and stay away from chemicals, radiation, heavy metals which include mercury or lead, solvents, or pesticides as they can be dangerous to you and can be a barrier in good development of your baby.

7. Finally, for the next nine months, you will be on an emotional roller coaster ride, which will cause mood swings, make you a nasty chicken or just calm you down! You will cry watching emotional scenes or while reading a book! It’s completely normal; however, keep company of positive people and do things that interest you. Keep good thoughts and you will be a happy mommy!

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