7 Things You can Do Today to get Better Sleep

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello everyone,
As much as proper sleep is important for our health and beauty, it has become hard to sleep these days with so much of stress and distractions around. So, if you too struggle with your sleep and want to try some things that can help you sleep better, here is the list! 🙂
7 Things You can Do Today to get Better Sleep

1. Wash your face properly

Your face is the most essential part of your beauty, every person’s first priority is taking care of their face. Ideally you should focus on following a good CTM routine but at least wash your face with a good soothing face wash. Also, don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth at that will make you feel fresh and comfortable for your sleep.

2. Moisturize

foot cream
Moisturisation helps to repair your skin faster at night. If you want a good flawless skin and want to feel comfortable enough to sleep, moisturise your body well before bed. Also, apply a nice thick lip balm and a foot cream.

3. Sleep on your back

Your way of sleeping decides your back pain and beauty status. Sleep on your back so you can easily avoid wrinkles and puffiness on your face. By doing this, your back and neck pain will also get reduced.

4. Work hard throughout the day

Have you ever noticed how well you sleep when you work hard throughout the day? Obviously physical work tires you and induces sleep and good sleep leads to better skin, hair and health. So try to work as hard as you can during the day – in your office and in the gym so that you can get a relaxing sleep at night.

5. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep

Set a proper sleep timing and stick to it no matter how eager you are to catch that latest show on the TV. Every one requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep and to achieve that, make sure you stick to a timing. Once the rhythm is set, you will start getting deep and relaxing sleep each night. There are many apps available for your phone that help you sleep better.

6. Take a shower before bedtime

Bathing is a great technique that allows your body to soothe, relax and heal itself from inside out. A shower before your bed is required because it removes all the odour from your body, lowers your blood pressure and hydrates your body. To enhance the effects, focus on your feet and drink one glass of water before your shower.

7. Take a look at your room setting

scented candles
Light some scented candles, dim the lights and draw your curtains as soon as you prepare to sleep. This will create a nice environment for you to sleep. Also, keep all the gadgets, especially your phone away from yourself. You can play some soothing music and read a book, but stay away from other gadgets.

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