7 Things You Need to Know About Cushion Compacts



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Considerably, we can clearly see how cushion compacts are trending in the makeup world. If you are wondering what cushion compacts are and what they do, then read further. Cushion compacts are basically sponges soaked in liquid foundations. Similarly, in BB or CC cushion compacts, sponges are soaked in BB or CC cream that acts as a storage or reservoir for the compact. The formula is almost the same as the bottle or tube version, only the application differs. The cushion helps in transforming the liquid formula into a lighter emulsion to ensure that it delivers the right amount in each press.

7 Things You Need to Know About Cushion Compacts3

Let’s read further to about them in detail.

1. Natural-looking coverage:

The formula of the cushion compacts is on the runny side. When you press the applicator or brush against the sponge, it releases an appropriate amount of foundation or cream for providing an even coverage. It also provides you with a light sheer to natural-looking coverage. However, you can build up the coverage as they are buildable. Besides, you can use your makeup brushes instead of the applicator provided, but it will not give that airbrushed effect because the provided applicator wicks off the right amount needed and spreads the product more evenly.

7 Things You Need to Know About Cushion Compacts1

2. Excellent sun protection:

We all have a love-hate relationship with a sunscreen and find it a hassle when it comes to reapplying it. But, cushion compacts ease up the work as they are formulated in such a way to avoid frequent reapplications. Cushion compacts have higher SPF that can provide a better sun protection. Since the application is so much easy with the help of cushion compacts, you won’t mind reapplying it to get maximum sun protection.

3. Touch-ups becomes so easy:

Compact cushions offer excellent coverage that too in a portable form. You do not have to take your big bottles of foundation everywhere, especially when you need touch-ups. Sometimes, reapplying the foundation can leave your makeup to appear cakey, but with cushion compacts, you just need to dab, spread and pat. Also, they have made the game of touch-ups easier, so start using them and enjoy the benefits.

7 Things You Need to Know About Cushion Compacts

4. A blend of makeup and skincare:

If you ever see the ingredients of the cushion compacts, especially the one from Korean brands, they usually offer many skin care benefits as well. You can find SPF, hyaluronic acid, bamboo sap or even many other anti-ageing ingredients. So, along with makeup, they also improve the health and look of your skin. They provide good hydration to your skin apart from providing a sheer coverage.

5. Clean the sponge regularly:

You need not worry about the applicator getting familiar with bacteria when you press it against the cushion and pat over your face every time. The advanced generation of cushion compacts has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial fibres in the applicator. For example, the blue applicator is made from ruby cell technology and is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It prevents your applicator from getting mouldy and keeps them bacteria-free. However, once in a while, dip your applicator in micellar water or mild soap or just lukewarm water to clean it up.

7 Things You Need to Know About Cushion Compacts4

6. Flip it over:

If you start to feel that the amount of the foundation you are getting from the sponge is less, take a clean pair of tweezers and just flip over the cushion. Since the liquid is beneath the sponge, over the time, it is possible to happen so. Do not use your fingers as it might transfer the bacteria from your hand over the cushion.

7. It’s travel friendly:

Travelling with a heavy glass bottle or a big tube of foundation can be a hassle, but a cushion compact can make this easier. Cushion compacts occupy very less area and are light in weight, which makes them perfect for carrying in your bag all day and all way. Since they offer excellent sun protection and touch-ups are so easy, you can carry one in long flights and trips as well.

7 Things You Need to Know About Cushion Compacts2

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