7 Things You Should Do Before, During and After Shampooing

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I just realized I have been finishing my hair care products very fast. Of course, it is summer time and we feel like washing our hair almost every day (shhh… sometimes twice a day but that’s harmful).But, there are a few things we need to take care of while shampooing to protect our tresses from unintentional harm. Actually, it’s not just about your hair, your face, neck and back also suffers in the shampooing-conditioning process. Here are some tips you can try before, during and after shampooing to have healthy tresses and skin. Please keep reading to explore.

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1. A Nourishing Hot Oil Massage:

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Nourish your scalp and get the blood circulation boosted up with a hot oil massage. This massage before shampooing will help you in curbing those dry patches and dandruff woes. Heat up your regular oil or make customized hot oil by mixing equal portions of Argan, almond, olive and coconut oil (I call it my “Magic Potion”). The frizz and stray hair from your parting will also get calmed down with this nourishing hot oil massage. Your scalp needs to absorb all the goodness so do massage well for at least 15 minutes and keep it for 40 minutes to an hour before washing your tresses.

2. Dilute Your Shampoo:

Unless completely natural or herbal, most of the shampoos have very harsh chemicals. In this hot and humid weather when we feel like washing our hair every day, diluting shampoo is a nice technique to use less product. Diluted shampoo is easy to apply and easy to rinse off. Always pour this diluted shampoo on the crown area to the roots not on the forehead to avoid dry patches on the hairline.

3. Take a Comb with You:

No matter how well you detangled your hair before stepping into shower, they tend to get messed up during the process of shampooing. After shampoo, apply your conditioner and then comb your hair. Yes, comb your hair ever so gently to detangle and spread the conditioner evenly through the length of your hair. You will notice, with this additional step your hair will be more managed and straighter after getting dry.

4. Finish Up with Cold Water:

After you are done with shampooing and conditioning, do rinse your hair with cold water to lock the shine and close the open pores of the scalp. This also helps in keeping your hair bouncy and lively throughout the day.

5. Bacne Alert:


Bacne means those nasty acne on your back, starting from your neck down to your bottoms. Ever wondered why do you even get them? It might be because of your shampoo and conditioner. Once done with shampooing and conditioning, make sure you clean your back, neck, back of ears properly to get rid of shampoo-conditioner chemicals which get into pores of your back. These clog the pores very badly and then you get painful back acne. Cleansing your body after shampooing is a good option to get rid of all that acne causing shampoo-conditioner stuff from your skin.

6. Protect Facial Skin:

Most of us tend to enjoy our shampooing sessions so much that we almost forget to protect our face through it. It is necessary to save delicate facial skin from the harsh foam of shampoos which can cause excessive dryness; conditioners can clog pores and cause forehead pimples etc. Make sure you keep the foam away from your face as much as you can. I apply coconut oil on my face before shampooing so that it creates a barrier between my skin and shampoo-conditioner chemicals (my skin is super sensitive).

7. Never Exfoliate Face Before Shampooing And Conditioning:

Exfoliation opens up the pores and this before shampooing and conditioning is an invitation to a whole lot of problems like whiteheads, pimples and allergies. Get done with your hair wash and then move towards face cleansing, exfoliating and toning.

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