7 Tips for a No-Regret Makeup Shopping

Hi my sugarplums!
I hope all of you are doing great. A few days back I was sorting out my makeup and I saw many products I had used just once. I mean, either they didn’t suit me or they reacted on my super sensitive-combination skin. Some of these products were foundations, lipsticks, eyebrow pigments and a primer. I made an estimation of the money I wasted on these products and I got a heart-ache. You know, it’s so painful to see that expensive foundation bottle sitting in your vanity and you can’t apply it because it simply didn’t work out for you. Today, I would like share some tips (coming straight from my personal experiences) in this article so that you don’t have to regret after you splurge on your makeup products. Please keep reading to know about them.
7 Tips for a No-Regret Makeup Shopping

1. Never buy a new foundation online

Girls, don’t go crazy with that lucrative 12% discount online. Purchasing that luxurious foundation is still going to hurt your pocket. Be patient and get your hands on any new foundation you wanna try by heading to a store. The shade cards provided online are useless most of the time. Also, you wouldn’t know how it’s gonna sit on your skin. The feel texture and undertones, all of them can be explored only when you go and try it yourself on your skin. However, if you’ve already been using that foundation and you are sure about the shade, you can purchase it online making use of any discount coupons and offers.

2. Buy base makeup products in broad daylight

The artificial lighting of the malls and stores can be very tricky to rely on during evening. If you want an exact match of foundation and concealer, trust the natural day light. Don’t be shy and ask for as many shades to swatch as you can. The SA may try to settle you with a wrong shade, they do it all the time. So, my beauties, it’s your duty and you need to be very vocal to the SA and ask for the swatches, samples, cotton and removers again and again.

3. Go bare face

Yes! You have to! If you don’t want to regret buying a wrong base product, go without makeup. See for yourself how it looks on your bare skin because that’s how you are going to use it. You wouldn’t use it on the top of a foundation. Make sure you’ve followed your morning skincare routine and you are moisturized well.

4. Bewitching Brow products

eyebrow grooming
Most of the brands launch very limited shades in the brow products category. They are either blackish greyish or brownish. If you are lucky, you will find a match in these two shades but you really need to understand that extremely darker or lighter brow pigments can ruin your all over look. The color of your brows should be at least one shade lighter if you have dark hair. While light haired people can go upto two shades darker than their hair color. Otherwise, you’ll end up having uncoordinated eyebrows on that pretty face.

5. Know the tones of your lipsticks

lipstick shopping
Ever wondered how some lip colors make you look amazing and why others wash you out? Because, these little devils have undertones just like your foundations and concealers. Lip colors have warm, neutral and cool undertones. If you know what tone your foundation has, go for the similar one while choosing a lipstick.

6. Not checking the ingredient list

lipstick ingredients list
Do check the label and make sure you don’t end with a product with ingredients that can irritate your skin. High amounts of silicon, parabens, petroleum and artificial dyes are very very harmful to your skin.

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7. Check reviews on IMBB

I swear by IMBB reviews. They are amazing! Nobody else can explain better about a product better than IMBB writers. Do check a review and know about the pros & cons of a product before buying. The personal experiences of writers are very helpful in buying the right makeup products for your skin and shade. The swatches on IMBB are very honest.

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  1. Totally agree with you especially point number 7 ????????……I never but anything makeup ore skin care related without checking IMBB….Lovely post 🙂

  2. Hey,

    I’m so glad I read this article. I don’t spend madly on makeup products, only when I’m really sure of it. And the last point- completely agreed. The reviews and swatches are so perfectly done. Thanks Anshika 🙂

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