7 Tips for Mastering the Art of Pastel Eye Makeup

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Today, I’ll be giving you all a few tips on how to nail pastel eye makeup, even when you’re just a beginner. I bet all of us love eye makeup. Eye makeup, if done right, can make us look bolder and more beautiful. There are various pastel eye shadow palettes available in the market. There are as well many pastel colored eyeliners which one can use to achieve the perfect pastel eye makeup looks. Pastel eye makeup shades include colors such as lilac, mint green, candy pink, lavender, pale blue, etc. One can use these shades to apply eyeshadows to achieve the bold look or can even use these shades as an eyeliner to keep it simple.


1. Start with either an eyeliner or an eyeshadow

blue eyeliner
Pastel shades, such as candy pink and baby pink, suit most of the people and also go well with every complexion. If you want to be on the safer side and also want to experiment with pastel eye makeup, you can use these shades as an eye liner or eye shadow. Start small, with either an eyeshadow or an eyeliner, if you are hesitant to try this trend.

2. Go neutral on the lips

spring makeup trend
As pastel eye makeup tends to be a little bold, I suggest you to opt for neutral tones for the lips. This is the perfect combination and it will make sure that everyone compliments your eye makeup. This will also create a balance.

3. Use some neutral shades

To keep the pastel eye makeup subtle, one can blend the pastel shades with neutral colored eye shadows which complement your skin tone. Pastel colored eye shadows look beautiful when blended with neutral or white shade.

4. Learn to complete the look

pastel eyeliner
Applying the same colored kajal as the color of your eyeliner will complete your look. You can also apply a pastel eye shadow and complete the look by using a black eyeliner over it.

5. Mix, match and blend

gorgeous pastel eye makeup
To get a little bolder look, one can use two or three different shades of pastel eye shadows such as mint green and blue, lavender and blue, lavender and pink, etc. One of these shades can be applied on the eyelids and the around the crease and eyebrows. Or, if you have command over eyeshadow application, you can mix, match and blend as many pastel colors as you want.

6. Try a white eyeliner

pastel eyeshadow
One can also apply a particular pastel eye shadow and complete the look with a white kajal or eyeliner.

7. Go bare faced

best pastel eye makeup
It is a little difficult to pull off the pastel eye makeup trend; therefore, it is necessary that one opts for neutral makeup on the rest of the face. One can complete the look by using a soft pink blush, which will complement the look.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do pastel makeup.

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