7 Tips for the Ultimate Night of Beauty Pampering

Hello lovely ladies.

How have you all been? We all should take some time out for ourselves. We take care of our skin and body regularly, but how about having a full day or an ultimate night dedicated just for pampering? Sounds so great, right? So here are some ultimate relaxing tips you have to try out!

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1. Aromatherapy Bath

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Going out for an aromatherapy bath could be a little stressful. So, here is the best option – use some bath salts and bath goodies at home. If you are more into shower than tub baths, then you can find so many aromatherapy products in the market too. Or, you can just slip into the bath tub with some rose petals in the water and some amazingly scented candles with light music. Even if there is no bath tub, you can obviously use your favorite shower gel and some good music.

2. Stay Makeup-Free

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It is quite obvious that you need to stay makeup free on the night you are planning to have a beauty pamper routine. Why burden your facial skin with a layer of extra product that is just not required? It is really important to let your face breathe, which is possible only when you stay makeup free at times. So, let some fresh air peep into your skin and provide you a healthy glow.

3. Devote Time to Your Hobbies

We get so busy in our day-to-day life that we do not even find time to finish our oh-so-favorite novels. If you are taking out a day for yourself, you can easily spend time with your book. It could be any magazine also, depending on your taste. If you are not much into books like me, then you can opt for your favorite TV show or any classic movie that you would like to watch again.

4. Some Essentials

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Get some good scented candles; my favorite fragrance is lavender. You can opt for any of your favorite – rose or jasmine, whatever you like. You also need to have some good music around; not rock music even if you are a rock chic. Opt for slow music. And also, do keep a bowl of pebbles around you or on a side table and just run your hands through it. It improves blood circulation and your hands will feel relaxed too. If you are not satisfied with your hot water bath, you can go for a spa day at your home; either book a spa therapist for your home or have a DIY spa day.

5. Face Masks

Face masks are a must for a beauty pampering night as your face plays the most important role. If you are not in the mood to prepare your own face mask, then you can opt for many other options. Try a relaxing mask with your favorite fragrance to have a good experience.

6. Keep Your Favorite Products Ready


If it is winter season, opt for a hot drink like hot chocolate shake or coffee or whatever you prefer. And if it is summer, opt for a chilled mocktail in your favorite glass that you usually do not use. Make your drink look exactly the way it is served in the restaurants. You would enjoy doing it as it is not a daily routine part. And yes, obviously a relaxing bath cannot be completed without a moisturizer for your skin and a pair of comfortable PJs.

7. Keep Your Phone Aside, and Grab Some Tasty Treats

A pampering, relaxing night is incomplete for me if I cannot have my favorite chocolate. So I try to keep a stock of some candies and chocolates with me at home. And  of course girls, keep your cell phones and laptops aside if you desire complete peace of mind.

Just take a pause from your regular lifestyle and do not rush for things. Keep calm and enjoy your ultimate pamper evening. 🙂

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