7 Tips For Growing Your Nails Long

7 Tips For Growing Your Nails Long

Hi Girls!

Many of us would have seen those ads for nail art and thought wistfully to ourselves about why, why we can never get those perfectly long, slender, chiseled-to-perfection nails. Even if you do grow them out, hang nails can be horrible and don’t even get me started on chipping and breakage. Fortunately, I did my research and found out some super useful ways you could grow your nails long and let them be rock hard and strong too! Read on to find out how!

1. They’re nails, not instruments: If you use your nails to prise open a can of hot chocolate, or to open a door that’s stuck, or to scrape off a price sticker from something – don’t! This will damage and stress your nails a lot in the long term, and doesn’t do anything to keep them strong. So stop, and use an actual tool or instrument instead!

2. A strong foundation: Make sure you never let your nails go bare when you’re trying to strengthen them. Apply a strengthening base coat or top coat if you don’t feel like using nail polish, but if you leave them bare, they are more prone to peeling off and splitting. Of course, occasionally let them breathe too by removing and re-applying.


3. Moisturize:  Use hand cream to keep your hands and nails soft, moisturized and nourished. You could even use cuticle oil or Vitamin E to keep cuticles and nail beds healthy. This helps avoid dryness, chapping and keeps cuticles well-hydrated.

Hand Cream

4. Vitamins and Supplements: There’s a nutrition supplement called Biotin, which you can ask your doctor about. It is known to help in maintaining healthy hair and nails, so once you consult your doctor make sure you supplement your diet with it.

5. Maintenance is Key:  Make sure that you trim, cut, shape and file your nails weekly and get a manicure done every few weeks, or even do a DIY manicure. The key is to ensure they’re always in great condition!

6. Protect them from harm:  Your nails are delicate and porous, so water can easily get absorbed by them, and dry them out. Make sure you wear cotton gloves while dealing with harsh chemicals or detergents to avoid damage to your nails and cuticles.

Flower Dish Gloves

7. Diet and Water:  Drink plenty of water – keep your body hydrated and your nails will be too! Have a diet rich in protein – with lots of daal, eggs, fish, milk and nuts to ensure that you have long and strong nails that grow out easily and healthy hair as an added bonus too!

Fruits and Vegetables

I hope you found these tips useful and that you’ll now be more conscious of how habits also influence the strength and quality of our nails!

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14 thoughts on “7 Tips For Growing Your Nails Long

  1. Nice review… 🙂
    These steps are so important… i have really long nails… you cold also try rubbing lemon over your nails… that too helps the nails grow faster.. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that leaving nails bare could potentially damage them. Thank you for such an informative article.

  3. Lovely article!!!very informative.i would love to have long nails,bt being in the medical profesn dsnt allow dt,d only thng i hate abt my career choice:-(

  4. Lovely article, I must pass this on to my cousin who loves her long nails. But with my toddler and the fact that I have to cook everyday means I prefer my nails to be short. 🙁

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