7 Tips To Strengthen Weak Nails

Most of us love nail polishes, nail art and manicures, and always love experimenting with colours, shades and techniques. Ever had a broken nail though? Or several? It’s horrible, isn’t it? It’s certainly scary when it happens a little too often in your experience, and you start to doubt whether you have brittle nails. Well, here are 7 tips towards strengthening your nails:

1. Pay attention to your hands: Hand cream is a beauty essential, especially in the winter season. Did you know that massaging it into your nails frequently through the day helps, and is a must after you wash your hands? This habit keeps nails firm and healthy.


2. Under cover: To avoid making your nails weak, always protect your hands especially in the cold. Wear gloves in the winter, and also while doing household chores with your hands, since detergents and other chemicals can cause the nails to weaken. A tip: Use hand cream, then wear rubber gloves before doing the dishes – the heat helps the cream absorb and your hands stay protected!


3. Nails aren’t openers: We’ve all tried to scrape a label or open a tough lid using our nails – this is a very bad habit you should avoid. This makes nails prone to breakage since they get brittle over time.

4. The right manicure: When you get or do a manicure, always make sure to use a good emery board – avoid metal nail files like the plague. They just cut away at the nail and make it worse. Always file from the outside to the centre and never across the nail or it’ll cause snags and the nail might tear.

Emery Board

5. Don’t wash too much: Washing your hands too frequently, unless for hygienic purposes, usually saps moisture from the hands and also dries out your nails, making them more prone to breakage. Always apply hand cream afterwards and later ensure that if you have to do things like washing clothes or dishes, use rubber gloves.

6. Nail hardener: There are lots of beauty brands that have nail hardeners, which are a good way of making sure your nails stay firm and less brittle. However, just like we avoid silicones and parabens, avoid any nail hardener which has formaldehyde – it makes nails worse.


7. Diet and supplements: A diet rich in protein is essential to maintain your nails. Also, consider health supplements that can improve the condition of hair and nails, both of which require a lot of protein intake.

I hope these tips helped and that we all take excellent care of our fabulous nails!

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11 thoughts on “7 Tips To Strengthen Weak Nails

  1. Wow Nandini I need this. I am reading this blog from quite a while but never read anything about nails like this.My nails are weak & chapped easily 🙁 Nicely written & complied post. Love it 🙂

  2. Hey Nandini.. very well written and very simple yet informative. I loved it. I have been biting nails since childhood and it has made my nails excessively weak but of late I have tried to control my habit and nails have also improved. I am going to follow your advice of avoiding a metal nail filer. I use one that I got from Health n Glow thinking it was better 🙁

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