7 Tips to Get Happy Summer Feet

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Cute pictures of feet in summery footwear are all over Instagram. Pastel nail paints, toe rings and modern delicate anklets accessorize feet to add that extra oomph to your happy summer feet look. But, to do all that jazz, you need beautiful flawless feet to begin with. Here are some tips that will help you achieve happy feet these summers.
7 Tips to Get Happy Summer Feet

1. Exfoliation

foot scrub

Dry dead skin on your feet can make them look nasty and very unflattering in those gladiators you’ve been dying to wear. Exfoliating at least twice a week will help maintain an even tone and also in getting rid of roughness. Using sugar based foot scrubs is recommended because salt based ones can dry up your feet even more.

2. Foot-friendly foods

Foods that are high in salt, sugar, or are packaged can cause swelling. With such puffiness and bloated look, you won’t be able to show off your strappy stilettos. So cut down on salt and have minimum sugar to keep your feet looking gorgeous.

3. Sunscreen is your best buddy

Most of us forget to apply a nice SPF to their feet, and this mistake leads to badly tanned and ugly feet for the rest of the year. Also, your nails are made of protein and they are as vulnerable as your skin. Apply SPF generously stressing on your cuticles as they seal in moisture and protect new nail growth emerging from the base of the nail. Harsh sun, wind, and dust can dry up your cuticles and nail folds which is harmful for nail growth. So remember – sunscreen is your best buddy .

4. Go for a refreshing pedi


A good fortnightly pedicure session is so good for your feet in summers. A pedicure session serves as a relaxing day out for all you super busy ladies. Pedicures revive your feet from the dead. Leave those dark colored nail paints aside for a while and choose soft colors that soothe the eyes while looking super summery.

5. Moisturize

Every night wash your feet with a baby shampoo, scrub with a pumice stone, and moisturize heavily. You can wear breathable ankle socks to lock in the moisture throughout the night. This way, you will get your feet any footwear ready every morning.

6. Stay germ-free

A single pair of flip flops can harbor a whopping 18,000 bacteria. OMG! Did you know that? :O So, now you know how important it is to clean your feet well before jumping to bed. Add some drops of an anti-bacterial liquid to get rid of germs and odour.

7. Keep your footwear clean and odourless

green tea bags

Placing green tea bags and sprinkling boric acid gets rid of that foul smell of shoes. Instead of drying sweaty footwear under sunlight, keep them indoors because sunlight can harm your expensive footwear a lot. Don’t store your footwear in a cabinet before drying them because that’s how moulds are going to grow inside them and then get transferred to your feet. As soon as you reach home, make it a habit to clean your footwear with a dry cloth and then with a slightly dampen cloth.

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