7 Tips to Style a Pixie Cut

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Hair trends for 2016 are laden with gorgeous hairstyles, and bob cut and pixie cut will steal the show this year. The best thing about a pixie cut is that it saves a lot of time, which we girls consume in deciding and making numerous hairdos. The perfect pixie cut is the way to go for busy women because it makes you look fearless, empowered and independent.

7 Tips to Look Stunning in a Pixie Cut

But sometimes, the femininity seems to disappear in the spark of this power-packed hairstyle. “Is there any way to maintain the feminism with the pixie cut?” is a common question many women ask. Let’s have a look at the different ways to look amazing in this haircut.

1. Try the side swept flick – A sleek side swept flick creates a difference between the short hair of men and women. A girly side swept flick will not only make you look prettier but it will also hide your broad forehead gracefully (if you have a wide forehead). Stylish bangs will also work great on your pixie cut to make you look feminine.

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2. Change the placement of your hair – A little flirty mess in the hair always looks good with a pixie cut. Changing the placement of your part can make a pixie feel entirely new.

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3. Use texturizing products – Adding some texture to the hair is important to sport a pixie cut as flat hair can sometimes look dull. These products will make your hair look tough and healthy.

7 Tips to Look Stunning in a Pixie Cut chaging part

4. Use a flat iron if you have wavy hair – If you have short but naturally wavy/curly hair, then you must keep a flat iron on your dressing table as it is going to be very useful for you. You can simply straighten your hair to get a defined pixie cut look.

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5. Never skip accessories – Have a quality collection of some selected accessories that you can carry with your monotone outfits. This is the best way to balance the femininity with a short hairstyle.

6. Wear moderate makeup – Nice outfits, a great collection of accessories and subtle makeup along with a modest attitude are supposed to be the essential components of feminism. The moderate makeup with a tempting shade of lipstick or smokey eyes will perfectly complement the pixie haircut.

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7. Get ombre hair color – ‘Mix and match’ is the style of those girls, who like experiments. You can color your hair in the ombre pattern to add some appeal to this haircut.

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