7 Tips You Need Right Now to Revive Your Skin

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Without beating around the bush, today I am going to share some amazing quick tips for all of you. These tips include almost everything from food habits, to dos – do not’s, special yoga and lot more to ‘Revive’ your skin from dead. So, let’s get into the post.

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1. Eat almonds:

Not the dry nuts PLEASE because that may give you pimples in summers. Keep them for winters and do not forget to coat them in tempered chocolate hihi! In summers, particularly in this season, soak them overnight, peel them in the morning and eat them while drinking milk. Do this for a week and see your pore size shrinking. Happened to me and I am going gaga over it.

2. Do have spinach:

spinach smoothie

Have spinach in cooked form, in a green smoothie or in soup. Make sure you have spinach twice a week to see your skin glow from within.

3. Pomegranate with yoghurt:

pomegaranate yogurt

If you are weight conscious, go for a non-fat yogurt. Add fresh pomegranate seeds to well-whipped yoghurt thrice a week. A dietitian shared this tip telling me this tightens sagging skin. For me it does give my skin a tightened effect. So, I am making sure I keep pomegranates and yoghurt in stock all the time.

4. Do not use your body towel for face:

Yes, you need to stop that if you are not getting rid of pimples even after skipping all your favorite food. Your towel may be a reason for those nasty pimples. Facial skin is delicate and whenever you wash it you should always take a clean softest ever towelette to pat dry it. Reason – no germs, no harsh fiber and no soap/shampoo residue.

5. Stop using soapy-foamy face washes for a while:

A reason your skin is looking dull and dead for a while might be your face wash. Soapy chemicals dry your facial skin very badly. Use a soap free, herbal, non-foamy face wash for a while so that the natural oils of your skin can come back to their balanced phase. However, if you really love that squeaky clean feeling, you can exfoliate with a number of DIY facial scrubs recipes available here on IMBB.

6. A dab of oil:

If none of the expensive anti-age creams and serums are working for you at this moment, you may want to try this. After cleansing your face at night, give your skin a dab of almond oil. The lightest dab and make your fingers tap dance all over your face. I do that and wake up with dewy skin the next morning.

7. Do Surya Namaskar:

surya namaskar

Surya namaskar or the Sun salutation is the perfect yoga workout you’ll ever need. Admit it, yoga is amazing but we don’t have the times and patience to do multiple asanaas in one go. Surya Namaskar is best done early morning when you are empty stomach. The poses during Sun Salutation are very helpful if you want lose extra fat from your stomach and love handles. Sun salutation also stimulates thyroid gland to increase hormonal secretions in a balanced way. Regularly practicing Surya Namaskar can regulate irregular menstrual cycles and revive skin by improving blood circulation. For a radiant pimple free skin, make surya namaskar a part of your life.

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