7 Tricks For Choosing The Right Flat Footwear To Help You Look Taller

Hello my dearest ladies,

So finally, I have shifted to hostel for my post-graduation! The last few days were very hectic, and I am literally running about the campus to fulfill zillions formalities, but stealing a few moments from a packed weekend, I decided to write another article for my favorite ladies. This post will help a lot of ladies like me who are not blessed with height (*sigh*) and can neither wear heels comfortably. We need to look well balanced, and yet can’t compromise on our comfort. So, here are some tricks to choosing the right kind of flats to give an illusion of taller frame.

7 Tricks For Choosing The Right Flat Footwear To Help You Look Taller

Strap it up:

We all know that strappy sandals are always in fashion. Reason? They are versatile and impart a chic and casual look. Thin strappy sandals are your BFFs as they make you look taller by hiding a little bulk of your feet. Make sure to always look for straps that are not bulky or thick. Also avoid ankle straps as they tend to make you look short.

N*de is the way:
Let’s just say this is the holy grail rule you need to follow, if you are a short girl. If you are in doubt and need to look taller in flats, look no further than your beloved n*de flats. N*de tones tend to easily blend well with your natural skin tone, imparting the illusion of a long continuous line. This not only makes your legs look longer but they also has a slimming effect.

Point it out:
If you are more comfortable wearing closed shoes, then make sure you go for ones that have pointed toes. Any shoe that narrows down towards to toes will make one look taller. Also try to choose shoes with a low vamp so that most part if your feet is visible.

7 Tricks For Choosing The Right Flat Footwear To Help You Look Taller women

Embrace loafers wholeheartedly:

Do you feel loafers and moccasins are not your cup of tea? Do you dismiss them as boring? , then think again. The latest makeover of these comfortable shoes has look uber cool and has changed their style game altogether. They are not only super comfortable, but they also add some height as the sole is thicker as compared to ballet flats.

Keep it laced up:

Laced up shoes are the one of the most fashionable items to own. They don’t cover up your legs fully and the trendy laces that you can fasten around your ankles increase the hotness quotient. In fact, this type of shoe design screams sexy and gives a tough competition to high heels. They elongate your legs and creates an illusion of never-ending legs.

Just slip it on:

On those busy hectic mornings, it’s so easy-peasy to slide your feet into a pair of stylish slip-ons and get going. You can opt for a single bar slip-on or slide sandals so as to keep the space below your ankles completely free. Pair them with skirts, capris, dresses and cropped pants that show off your delicate ankles.

7 Tricks For Choosing The Right Flat Footwear To Help You Look Taller red shoes

Glam up with gladiators:

There is no question about the fact that gladiators look super trendy and add brownie points to any ensemble. Just keep in mind that the pair you pick should have super thin straps that go around your calves and not thick one, so as to give an illusion of longer legs. And if they’re beige or n*de in color – voila! It’s a win-win!

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