7 Ultimate Beauty Prep Tips for the Holiday Season

By Aditya M.

With the holiday season around the corner, everyone is busy shopping for Christmas while others are already planning their New Year’s Eve with their close ones. These holidays mean that there will be plenty of family parties and photo opportunities to look good for. Here’s a simple holiday beauty checklist to keep you organized in the midst of insanity that is holiday shopping.


1. From eating all our favorite sweets on Diwali and chowing down on some Mac n’ Cheese on Thanksgiving, it’s important to keep our teeth pearly white. I recommend using Crest 3D White Strips for whitening your teeth. Your dazzling white teeth are sure to complete your whole look.


2. Invest in a good natural facial. Natural facials will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy without any harsh chemicals. Opt for facials that include natural ingredients like oats and avocado. These two ingredients are a great way to bring moisture into your skin while kicking dullness out. If I’m going to a salon for a facial, I prefer anything that is packed with antioxidants or anything that mentions pollution fighting as it is much polluted in Hyderabad. This facial works for me and always leaves me with glowing skin.

3. Make sure you are exfoliating your entire body three times weekly leading up to the holidays. Follow this exfoliation cycle with a deep moisturizing lotion like Organix Soothing Tea tree and Peppermint Lotion.

Homemade scrub

4. All the pretty holiday dresses will come out of your closet which means your legs should be waxed to perfection. I cannot tolerate the pain of waxing, so I make sure I have Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Numbing Wipes. These numb out your skin and you won’t even feel your hair being pulled out. Make sure you’re not waxing the same area more than three times because your skin may start to become dry and will peel. Apply aloe vera gel to soothe the redness and irritation that may occur.

5. Get your split ends trimmed off or maybe candle cut. Getting rid of splits not only makes your hair look much healthier but also very clean and neat. If you want to do a bit more for the holidays, ask your stylist for a glaze treatment which will leave your hair silky and lustrous and definitely adds a lot of shine. Deep reds and browns are the best during the holiday season, so opt for those if you’d like your hair colored. I usually get a trim during the holiday season and depending on when my last Keratin treatment was, I’ll get it around this time of year.

Split ends


6. Give yourself a manicure at home. Make sure to utilize a base coat as well as top coat so that it lasts the entire holiday week. If you really want your nails to stand out, add a top coat over your already painted nails the night before an event so they look glossier. I personally like Essie nail polishes as they are the best because it lasts long and the glossy finish is amazing.


7. Makeup is the last thing remaining on this list and considerably one of the most important one. During the holiday season, I like to keep my eye makeup simple and use a bright red lipstick. You always want to wear a primer so that your makeup stays on all day/night.

Look flawless with all these tips and be sure to enjoy your holidays! Happy holidays everyone!

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