7 Unconventional Ways to Wear a Simple Shirt

Hello beauties,
What first appears to be unconventional becomes fashion and starts trending all over the globe. So, today’s post is about being a little experimental, going off the current trends and playing around with our basic shirts. This staple wear can turn out to be a great fashion statement, but how? Please read on further to know more:

shirt alia

1. Under a sheer shirt:

Under sheer shirt
Wear that bland white (even wrinkled) shirt under a sheer shirt or jacket to rock a cool ready to hang out look. A Coloured shirt would lift up this look even more if you are not in the mood of mono-chromatic look for the day.

2. Under a sleeveless one-piece:

under one piece dress
This street style look is very edgy; so constructed yet giving a care free look. A plain dress, printed shirt or vice-a-versa combination can be worked out for different looks. A lacy shirt can also be worn under a thick fabric plain dress to bring out the elegance in it.

3. As a saree blouse:

as blouse
Turn your shirt into a blouse simply by wearing it under your saree as a blouse. It is a no-nonsense simple look which is a great example of east meeting west so harmoniously. Rolled up sleeves add crispness to this whole look so do remember to try that while you rock this indo-western saree chic look.

4. As a naughty ‘knotty’ skirt:

as skirt
Take a ‘no-see-through’ shirt and turn it into a stylish knotty skirt. This can be worn on a beach while you cheat a sexy cover-up for your bikini. Adding a belt and then a smart jacket can score a 10 on 10 on the street style quotient.

5. As an off-shoulder top:

off shoulder top
Off shoulder tops add sultriness to whole look and with all your shirts you can go off-shoulder without even buying some actual off shoulder tops. Wear a noodle strap camisole inside or fun strap bra to add that little something on those sexy sun kissed shoulders.

6. Under a crop top:

Under crop top
Crop tops are so in these days. But , on days you feel your tummy isn’t in the mood to show it off like a toned hot bod , get your shirt and wear it under that cute crop top. In winters , this adds layers and warmth as well.

7. As a statement piece with a dress:

Over dress
Add statement to any plain dress by layering a shirt and tying a knot in the front. Sometimes you feel like not adding bling but yet ‘something’ to amp up that comfortable yet appealing dress. Well, in that case , any shirt of yours can do the honours by being a statement piece.

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