7 Unusual Makeup Looks Spotted at the Cannes 2016

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How have you been? I am a makeup junkie. Either I go bare face or I go full-on glam face. For me there isn’t any in-between look. May be that’s why I keep looking for makeup inspirations from events like Cannes and more than that, I go on Bond mode to look for flaws and mistakes I wouldn’t commit ever. Here are some unusual makeup looks spotted at the Cannes 2016 which turned out a bit meh.

1. Aishwarya’s Purple Lips:

aiswarya makeup

Aish went way too bold than she usually does and the result was Purple lips. Clearly, it didn’t suit her. Her lips looked dry and aged. We are quite used to seeing her sport fuller plump lips, so definitely we couldn’t accept this. God knows who was it? Aish herself or the makeup artist. I wish it was a bit warm toned , plump and well prepped. But then it is just makeup; it washes off and we all know she is a classy beauty anyway.

2. Sonam’s Bare Lids:

sonam makeup
Sonam Kapoor has always been known for making statements. Her wardrobe is every girl’s dream wardrobe. She is always experimental and when it is Cannes, she left no stone unturned. Just look at her dress, it looks so edgy. The makeup was a flawless base with a pop of color in the form of blue eyeliner and fuchsia lips, but what’s it with her eyelids? You can definitely see them creasing as if they were left bare after applying foundation. May be it’s the natural fold of her eye and she got a little puffy eyes that day. Honestly, Sonam’s eyelids were bare and that’s not usual.

3. Kristen Stewart’s Gothic Eyes:

Kristen Stewart makeup
First of all, why that stiffness lady? She wasn’t really dressed for Cannes. Was she? Her tresses, less coverage base and gothic eyes were more suitable for a rock concert than Cannes. That ‘girly’ touch was totally missing. She is pretty but I think she should smile more. Smile makes everyone look beautiful despite of any major error in their makeup.

4. Ana Girardot’s Minimal Base Makeup:

anna girardot makeup
This French actress wasn’t quite taking the help of makeup to rock this look of hers. You can clearly see no heavy coverage foundation, contour, heavy flush of blush, nicely done brows and not even kohl; just a nude lip and mascara. Yes, her skin looks amazing. May be that’s why she didn’t do all that heavy base makeup. Natural beauty!

rati beauty ad

5. Marion Cotillard’s Bold Lips and Bare Eyes:

marion cotillard makeup
I am a fan of her acting but in this particular look she turned me down. She went for bare eyes which accentuated her eye bags and wrinkles even more. I guess, there was a lack of moisturisation in the under eye area which made her eyes look puffy. I can’t even spot proper mascara in this picture, which could have totally given her a younger look and opened eyes effect. Her lips were quite bold but eyes were a bit meh for those lips.

6. Melanie Thierry’s NO Makeup:

milaine thierry makeup
This baby faced 34 years old French actress opted for a bun, cool ehh? But, what’s with the bare face? Not just “no makeup” look but really so very bare that it hurts the eyes. On red carpet, where everyone is going blingy, sporting bold lips and all, Melanie dared to bare it all on her face. Though covering the under eye area with a concealer could have lightened up her face.

7. Victoria Beckham’s Unflattering Makeup:

victoria beckham makeup
I always envy Victoria Beckham. She manages to look amazing and chic all the time. But in this particular look, her makeup wasn’t quite flattering. Her makeup artist messed her face which made her looked very aged. And then, her nude lips couldn’t lift up that dull faced. All together, this kind of makeup was unusual and didn’t work out for Mrs. Beckham.

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7 thoughts on “7 Unusual Makeup Looks Spotted at the Cannes 2016

    1. Yeah Jomol ji but her eye make is on fleek. It gave so much depth to her already beautiful eyes.
      This is such pretty brownish smokey look to try for a date night glam look.

  1. Don’t you think your’e being way too critical of the looks?

    What do you mean by saying that a bare makeup look hurts the eye?
    I find that beautiful for having that kind of confidence.

  2. I am happy Ash did something different and out of the box. Though I agree it could have been executed better, dry wrinkly lips are a no no for sure.Here’s hoping even other actresses try this bold move and not be discouraged by all the back lash she received for it

    1. Yaaaaasssss… !! I wanna see her experiment more. With makeup as well as her choice of films. Looking forward to Sarbjeet. 😀

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