7 Ways to Rock Matte Lips This Winter

7 Ways to Rock Matte Lips this Winter

The matte look was seen on all major runways during Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks. The idea is to get a natural, fruit-bitten look that looks polished and bright, taking attention away from the usual sleek, glossy lip look. There are certain things you should keep in mind to get that perfect matte pout, and here are some ways I found by which you can stay on top of this trend –

1. Scrubbity-rub: Exfoliation is vital, because winter is the season for chapped and flaky lips, if you’re lazy in your lip balm application. Flaky or cracked lips pave the way for a makeup disaster If you plan to wear a matte lipstick. Scrub your lips with a lip scrub to remove any dead skin lying underneath.

lanolip scrub
2. Soften: Use a moisturizing lip balm to make sure that your lips stay soft and lipstick glides easily on. You could also try using a primer, but remember to steer clear of any moisturizer with alcohol content. This is because it tends to dry out your lips.
3. Concealing it: This has got to be one of the best things I came across – apply concealer to your lips to give that clean canvas to work your lipstick on. A lip concealer not only primes your lips but also makes lip colour appear bolder and enhances the matte finish.

4. Lining it: Lip liner is vital for a professional-looking matte lip. For maximum coverage and colour, apply a lip liner evenly on the sides as well as to fill the lip. Make sure you don’t use a dark liner over a lighter shade of lipstick – this can look very tacky. Pick one closest to the lipstick colour.
Lip Liner
5. Brush up: Use a lip brush to apply colour. Since matte lipsticks don’t moisturize, it doesn’t help to distribute the colour by pressing your lips together. Instead use a lip brush to evenly apply it all over. Works like a charm and looks so professional!
How to apply Lip Concealer
6. Keep it clean: Matte lipstick is one of the toughest makeup looks to pull off well, as matte can highlight every line and imperfection. After following the above tips make sure you check that it’s been applied evenly and use cotton buds to clean up the outer corners of your mouth to avoid looking clown-like.

7. Blot, blot, blot! Matte lipsticks can end up getting dry or flaky or caked after a few hours. So make sure you blot it often, with a blotting paper, not tissue, since tissue can stick to lips, making it worse. Use it very lightly so the colour doesn’t come off.

I hope these tips help you and encourage you to try the matte look this season!! Xx

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  1. Great tips Nandini ! 🙂 I use The body shop lip scuff and body shop vitamin E lip balm with spf. I apply olive oil somtimes when my lips are extra dry 🙂

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