7 Ways to style a Red Jeans

7 Ways to style a Red Jeans

The coloured-jeans trend is really big this year. From pastels to bright, you can have them in any colour and add a playful edge to your look.

Bright red jeans have taken over the basic blue denim in the wardrobe of every fashionista world over. These statement pants have the power to make even the simplest of outfits, like t-shirts and sneakers, look stylish and chic instantly.


But, before you give in to this trend just think if you’ll be able to pull of this coloured denim trend. Let’s face it some trends are not for everybody. You need to feel confident about yourself and your body before going out of your comfort zone.

• Since red jeans are such a major statement, I think it’s best to let them be the focal point. Balance your bright denim with a neutral. Think a black blazer, white top, or a cream blouse. For a fun look match your bright jeans with a contrasting top.

• A cute patterned blouse will go from work to play in a flash. Just swap your sensible black flats for sexy strappy sandals and add a few metallic bangles or statement earrings.

• Dress your jeans up with a tailored jacket embellished with sequins or sparkles. Or if jackets are too much you can dress up your red jeans with a sparkly top, spiked earrings, and fierce metallic pumps.


• No other denim can do as much justice to a slouchy white tee and embellished sandals as your red pants. Add statement earrings, a bib necklace, or layer on an unbuttoned shirt or leather jacket in this look to make it appear more polished and well put up.

• Next, the idea of wearing it with a chambray or denim shirt is a great idea! It is a casual yet cute idea for those days that you just don’t feel like dressing up. Grab a patterned scarf to pull the whole thing together.

• You can also go with the nautical trend and wear something striped on top or something navy with anchors! There are many different possibilities making your outfit nautical, so just pick what you like best.

• A black top is an easy match for bold pants, but a statement piece, like animal print pumps, is a must to bring it all together.


If you want to try out this trend then here are few tips that might help you:

• If you have never tried on a coloured denim first then I would suggest that you opt for pastel shades in the beginning.
• Like your regular denims these jeans are not at all forgiving when it come to fit. Make sure that your jeans fit well at the waist, hips, butt, and crotch.
• Try colour blocking, if you are adventurous enough if not stick to basic neutrals.
• Try pairing them with prints and stripes for a more fun look.

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  1. I bough a red Mango jeans last season & love it to bits. I pair it with either white or black plain tops. Looks gorgeous!! I also have a red matching overcoat which looks amazing 🙂

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