7 Ways to Highlight Your Features with GOLD Eye Shadow!

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If you are like me, I suppose you love products that MULTI-TASK!! I love my lip and cheek stains and I love my gold eye shadow!! Now, stop wondering why I love it, because it’s super handy when it comes to accentuating different areas of your face and body, without looking too OTT! Each one of us has that golden eye shadow we cannot do without, so let me tell you a few things that you can do with it, and look like that Gorgeous Golden Diva! 😉

gold eyeshadow

1. Want to jazz your eye look a little bit? Use your golden eye shadow as an eye liner. Use a wet brush to apply it on your lids, and make use of your flat eye shadow brush to dab the color on your lower lash line and make your eyes look brighter instantly. Switch up your usual black eyeliner with gold just to change up your look a little bit. You can also use it on the inner corner of your eyes and pair it up with black eyeliner to make it pop.

7 Ways to Highlight Your Features with GOLD Eye Shadow 1

2. Gold eye shadow is great to enhance those brows! No, I don’t mean that you go out with golden eye brows, but then again, using shimmer to highlight them is a great way to accentuate them. Brush on that golden eye shadow on your brow bone and blend it in really well and they are set to attract attention.

7 Ways to Highlight Your Features with GOLD Eye Shadow 2

3. If you do not want to invest in those expensive bronzers, then your gold eye shadow comes as your angel in disguise. You can use it to prevent looking washed out and to brighten up your face beautifully. Put some eye shadow on the highest points of your face using a big fluffy brush and brush off the excess using some baby powder or lose powder and you are all bronzy and glowy!

7 Ways to Highlight Your Features with GOLD Eye Shadow 3

4. Strobing is in now, and we are all obsessed with it. After all, who doesn’t like faking that glow!! Dab gold eye shadow on the high points of your face which are your brow bone, over your brows, inner corners of your eyes, cheek bones, bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow and any part of your face that reflects light and blend like a pro. You will be amazed at how gorgeous and luminous your skin will look afterwards.

7 Ways to Highlight Your Features with GOLD Eye Shadow 4

5. To make your lips appear fuller, there is a simple trick you can do. Apply some shimmer to the middle part of your lips before you put that lipstick or lip gloss on, it is a sure shot way to make your pout stand out, and the best part is it requires NO SKILL! Also, dab some shadow on the line above your upper and lower lip and on the Cupid’s bow, and BANG ON, you are all set to show off that fuller pout!! It may sound weird right know, but it will look GORGEOUS if you do it right.

6. Mixing gold eye shadow with your favorite body lotion is a great way to show off those luminous, shiny and soft legs, so next time you plan to pull off that short skirt or your LBD, try this trick and watch heads turn as you walk!

7 Ways to Highlight Your Features with GOLD Eye Shadow 5

7. Of course, eye shadow is meant for your eyes, stipple your gold eye shadow on your lids and blend well for the perfect party look. It suits Indian skin tones like nobody’s business and if you ask me, you can never go wrong with gold’s! Finish the look with a good coat of mascara and be ready to set the stage on fire!

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  1. I love golden eyeshadow to bit, tried a makeup look on Diwali and got lots of compliments. I am wearing a dress to a new year party, will try it with my lotion. Gold goes better with my complexion than silver. 🙂

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