7 Ways To Include Oxblood In Your Style

Oxblood is the one of the most popular, sexy and mysterious reds seen a lot nowadays. It’s not maroon, it’s not brown. What is it then? It resembles burgundy, but has more purple and dark brown hues. Its brown undertones make it much easier to complement a variety of skin tones.


Trivia: Did you know that Oxblood is not the colour of the blood of an ox?! *silly me* Oxblood is short for oxygenated blood, which is blood when exposed to air turns deep dark.

Here are some ways to include it in your style!

1. Pants


Team hot oxblood pants with soft pastel tops. The pairing goes off incredibly well together.

2. Top or Shirt


Pair a sexy oxblood top or shirt with black, white or neutral bottoms like beige or cream.

3. Jacket


For the cold places or for winters, this is a perfect alternative to your regular jackets. You can wear it on its own zipped up or pair it with some shirts.

4. Boots


For summers, you can team these sexy boots with sheer leggings or stockings and for winters, you can use corduroy pants or thermal leggings.

5. Hand Bag


I am in love with that bag! Such a sexy piece of art! You can go for real leather for that real rugged look or opt for faux leather.

6. Jewelry


There are tons of neck pieces, earrings, rings, bracelets in oxblood around. Easy to lay hands on as well!

7. Lipstick & Nail paint


Probably my favourite way to style oxblood. This sexy look has been sported by Deepika and Sonam very frequently!

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