7 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

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Facing limp hair recently? Are they losing texture and it’s a bad hair day every day? Are you suffering from hair fall, itching and greasiness of scalp? So sorry for bombarding all these questions but if your answer is yes, then you might be facing sun-damage. While the cruel sun is in no mood to show any mercy on our hair, we need to take care of them just like we do for our skin, to protect it from UV rays. Let’s explore some ways in which we can protect our hair from the damages made by the summer-sun.
protecting hair from sun damage

1. Wear a scarf or hat:

These will act as natural ray-blockers for your hair. Get a scarf or hat on as soon as you step out. You can also use a cotton dupatta to cover your entire head extending the advantage to your neck as well. This is quite helpful when you are using public transport. Scarves, hats and dupattas will also block dust and you won’t have to wash your hair every single day.

2. Spray some sunscreen:

hair spray
There are sunscreens for hair to create a protective layer against harmful sun rays. By spraying these, you will not suffer those brittle lifeless hair for the rest of the year. Some sprays have other additional benefits also; they make your hair look shinier and more managed. So, check these out at your nearest stores or online ASAP.

3. Use a replenishing hair mask once a week:

Such masks help in regaining all the moisture you lost in that scorching heat. They will help you escape that damaged hair look. Stock on such masks and use them at least once a week to make your tresses look beautiful even in this terrible weather.

4. Stop over-washing:

washing hair
Do not wash your hair every day. Clean your hair without stripping off the moisture by using a cleansing conditioner. Dry hair (when natural oils are stripped off due to excessive washing) is more prone to sun damage. You can go for dry shampoos in urgency to soak that extra oil, this way you’d be able to retain those natural oils of your scalp.

5. DIY hair packs:

Apply some DIY hair packs twice a week. DIY hair packs mean all natural ingredients, no chemicals, no allergy and no reaction. Eggs, curd, honey, goose berry powder are the best DIY hair pack ingredients. You can always add some olive oil if your hair is on the drier side. There are many DIYs on IMBB, so do check them out.

6. Fresh aloe vera gel:

aloe vera
Fresh aloe gel help in calming down scalp irritation caused by the heat of sun. Grow an aloe plant at your home and forget those expensive branded aloe gels. This home grown aloe will provide you fresh aloe gel for your scalp and skin for years. Applying aloe gel helps in getting rid of dandruff, it facilitates hair growth and controls hair fall. It’s a wonder plant.

7. Minimize that artificial heat:

While sun is already frying up your hair, make sure you don’t double up that damage with regular use of flat irons and curlers. Let natural air and heat dry your hair. Always use heat-protectant sprays in case you really need to use that straightener. Use gentle methods of styling and be kind to your tresses. Also, do not go for permanent straightening or curling with sun damaged hair, this will further cause excessive irreversible damage to your hair.

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  1. Thank you for this post. As someone who has long hair which looks like straw when it is dry, I need these tips. Could you suggest any specific sunscreen sprays – have you seen any in the Indian market? Or can we just use the spray on body sunscreen? Sorry about asking so many questions. 🙂

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