7 Ways to Restore Your Beauty after a Beach Vacation

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Don’t we all just like to pause our ever changing lives and go for holidays to relax and rejuvenate ourselves? I sure as hell do! The thing that suffers a lot after those great experiences is our beauty. In today’s post, I will tell you how you can take care of your skin after amazing times at your beach holiday.
Ways to Restore Your Beauty after a Beach Vacation

1. Dry skin woes

Dry skin is quite common after a long holiday at the beach because of all the travelling, erratic sleep hours and dietary changes. The first thing you need to do is start drinking water. This will hydrate your skin from within. You can also squeeze a lemon in water and drink it throughout the day. Also, use moisturizers, oils and body butters to moisturize your skin from outside.

2. Dullness of the skin

body scrub
Yes, you can get dull skin even after the most amazing time on your vacation. Hydrating your skin from inside out helps with the dullness of the skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate to scrub away dull and dead skin cells. You can also get a good facial massage done at the convenience of your home to bring back the lustre of the skin.

3. Post holiday spots or acne

You can drink detox water to detoxify the body and give way to the clear and radiant skin. You can also try drinking green tea which is great if you want to detox your body and skin. You can also deeply cleanse from the outside by using face masks made with Dead Sea mud or fuller’s earth. You can also take steam to get all the gunk and bacteria out of your pores.

4. Reduce Redness and Inflammation

pure rose water
Use calming and moisturizing ingredients like rose water, witch hazel or aloe vera in your skin care regime to soothe and calm the irritated skin. You can also have anti-inflammatory foods like walnuts, broccoli or yogurt to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

5. Lacklustre hair

Dry and dull hair can also be the negative of a great beach vacation. So, go for hot oil deep conditioning treatments and various moisturizing hair masks to bring back the shine and lustre in your tresses.

6. Brittle or chipped nails

Sea water can actually strip your nails of natural oils and moisture, so your hands and nails need all the pampering just like your face and hair. You can go for mani-pedis at the saloon and you can also pamper your tips and toes with blends of essential oils.

7. Restore the sparkle of your eyes

travel skin care
Under eye bags, dark circles and dullness in your eyes can be the result of lack of sleep during your vacations. You can go for various eye masks readily available in the market or you can go for homemade eye soothing treatments with green tea bags, ice, potatoes or cucumbers.

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