7 Ways to Rock That Colored Eyeliner Without Looking GAUDY!

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Eyeliner is the most basic make-up product that all of us use; however, the pretty old black liner may get boring. Switching to colorful eyeliners can be a good idea, to add that extra spunk to your overall look and add that magic to your gorgeous eyes! But there is something overwhelming about colored eyeliners that makes most women fret from trying them out. In this post, I’ll talk about how to rock that chic colored eyeliner and I promise, your eyes will never look better than this!

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1. Choose a color that suits you best: Never choose a color that you like, or the one that matches your eye color. Instead opt for a color, which flatters your eyes! Always keep in mind that colors from the opposite side of the color wheel will look the best. So for all you brown-eyed beauties, colors like gold, purple, copper, turquoise, blue and pink will look gorgeous. Greens and purples would go amazingly with hazel eyes!

2. Do not go overboard with application: No matter how much you love the color, do not over do it by lining your eye from top to bottom to it. It’s not a good sight to have the same color on your eyelid as well as on your waterline. A unique way to line is using a color liner on your eyelid and the outer parts of your bottom lid while using a black on your waterline!

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3. Choose the texture wisely: Texture plays an important role, as it may make or break the look. Colored pencils give you that control for lining your lash line. Gel liners are good for that even line and smoother effect. Liquid liners will provide you intense color that looks dramatic and thick. Kohl is great to give that smudged out smokey effect!

4. Ditch the brights sometimes: If you are not in the mood for those bright colors like turquoise, blues and purples, opt for shades that are quite similar to your eye color, but not the SAME as them!! For hazel eyes, dark brown is great, for brown eyes a rust color works well; try deep blue for blue eyes and grey eyes can opt for a matte silver color. If you stick to this rule, I assure you that you will never be at the risk of looking gaudy!

5. Go slow: Always be within your comfort zone; do not just go for a really dramatic look just because you have seen it in the magazine, or because someone else was wearing it. Ease yourself into it; always try a style that you feel comfortable in carrying off. Always tightline your eyes with the color, and slowly get used to doing it; then if you would like to take the look a notch up, try experimenting with flicks. If bold is your style, then you can opt for a dramatic look with a thick wing.

7 ways to Rock that COLOR EYELINER without looking GAUDY-tightline

6. Always tightline: Drawing a line as close to your lash line to give a fuller effect to the lashes is tightlining. Either line the top and keep the bottom bare, or you can do otherwise. One unique way of lining would be lining the outer halves of both the top and bottom lids with colors and using black on the inner end to tone down the colors.

7. Be classy: Colored eyeliners can end up looking tacky if you overdo it or pair it with the wrong eye shadows, hairstyles, or a bright lip. You must keep the look fresh, by just adding that hint of color to your eyes and leaving the rest of your face natural. This is one of the runway trends that will surely make you look CLASSY!

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