7 Ways to Rock Your Dungarees Look

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Dungarees are back with a boom. From fashion weeks to metro city streets, you can see the chic style of dungarees dominating over other conventional looks. It is one piece of fashion which can be played a lot with. There is a great scope of experimentation and wear with just a single pair of dungarees. You can style it in infinite ways to create different looks. Here are some ways you can amp up and rock your dungarees looks.

rocking dungarees

1. Wear an off shoulder top:

dungarees with off shoulder top
Off shoulder tops add sensuousness to the whole playful dungarees look. You can always go from a lace, dressy off shoulder top to a basic color spandex one according to your preference. Don’t forget to add a dash of a subtle glowing bronzer on the shoulders to look ‘sun-kissed’ in summers.

2. Go for a collared shirt:

dungarees with collared shirt
For a fun semi-formal kind of look, wear a collared shirt under those dungarees. Carry a chunky sling bag or a clutch to complete the look. The ‘bun hair-style’ looks very apt with such look which highlights the collars very well.

3. One strap open:

one strap open dungarees
This looks so carefree and qualifies for a classy runway look too. Any kind of top can be rocked with one strap opened dungarees look. Rock a tank top, a tube top or a funky graphic top. Add minimal accessories to complete the whole look.

4. Flaunt those curves with a crop top:

dungarees with crop top
Crop tops are such a great way to show off those sexy curves while wearing the dungarees. This look has the right amount of skin show which looks apt for a vacation or shopping-hopping with girlfriends.

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5. Printed dungarees:

printed dungarees
Summers are all about floral prints. And prints combined with dungarees create an awesome summery look. Wear a plain white top under these printed dungarees and get those white sneakers to complement the look.

6. Opt for pastel colors:

pastel colored dungarees
Pastel colors in summers feel very soothing to our eyes. Dungarees in pastel colors can totally be your thing to rock throughout the summers once you get the hang of some good range. Be it from a thrift store or a brand, a pastel colored pair of dungarees won’t disappoint you!

7. The lacy dungarees:

lace dungarees
The very feminine, delicate and sultry lace comes to your rescue if you are not a denim dungarees girl. But make sure you wear right inner wears to get compliments rather than comments for these lacy dungarees.

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