7 Ways To Save and Splurge On The Right Beauty Buys

7 Ways To Save and Splurge On The Right Beauty Buys

Hi Pretty Ladies,

I am back after a long time and I wanted to share some tips that could be useful during these sales seasons. All of us love makeup, and people’s, Lush or L’Occitane hauls often make us go green with envy 😛 We wonder how on earth anyone gets to spend so much on makeup. Well, there are secrets to this, and it also involves knowing when to buy what. Read on to find out more!


1. Swatches and Reviews:

This is  probably the most obvious point here. Make maximum use of the millions of product swatches here and the reviews. Read before you rush to buy something just because of its cute packaging. You wouldn’t want to end up with a dud now, would you? This will definitely help you save a lot, and make you distinguish the really good stuff from the not so great.


2. Try and then only buy:

As we have see on IMBB before, it’s not necessary that a high end brand is always good – so it makes sense to test any product before you buy it. It may look good on the hot model on the promos, but it may not suit your particular face type or lip shape, etc.  So always take samples where possible to avoid splurging on something you would barely get to use.

3. Avoid a pile of dupes:


Yes, that lip gloss is the same shade as the one you bought earlier this month, but the packaging is so cute! Avoid falling into that trap – think once – do you really need three mascaras or three body lotions? Besides, you can avoid quick expiry this way too – one product would get used up faster than the other and this would lead to others being neglected. See if you have that item already in another variation before deciding to buy.

4. Maximum benefits in one:


Try to go for 2-in-1 benefit products, for example shampoo with conditioner in one, or lengthening as well as thickening mascara, so that you don’t have to buy many products for two-three desired effects. Not all of them are awesome though, so use discretion and reviews when buying these.

5. At-home fixes:


Avoid trips to the salon for stuff you can easily do at home – there are tons of YouTube makeup artists and nail artists today, and tutorials and reviews right here, so instead of splurging on a French manicure or nail art, try going DIY on these types of things and only reserve stuff like hair styling to the pros.

6. Expired is no good:

Keep a watch on the expiry dates of your products – use wisely so that you don’t end up with things you bought but never used and end up throwing because it’s expired. The more products you have the less you would be able to finish them all within the expiry date, so keep this in mind.

7. Prioritize, always!

Honestly ask yourself, do you really need a huge full-size bronzer when you only use it occasionally, or that big tub of face mask that you use once a month for a DIY facial? Try to choose samples or travel sizes for such types of products instead.  You would not only save money, you would save space too!

I hope these strategies help you all to clear up some of the clutter and also make the best beauty choices! Over and out 🙂

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13 thoughts on “7 Ways To Save and Splurge On The Right Beauty Buys

  1. Suppperrr excellent post nandini. Although I am guilty of doing a lot of these things but you know I’d call it a part of the job *blush* *blush* 😀 😀

  2. Great post Nandini *clap* *clap* great tips seriously… i do read reviews before getting anything i like especially the one with good packaging *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* i loved the first picture where you have kept all the stuff *hifive*

  3. Fantastic tips Nandini… I do the same and I know what enormous amount of self control one must keep (sometimes endure 🙂 ) in order to keep from splurging…
    I too have learned the hard way when I had to throw away some of my products I had used only a few times and had expired. They were either bought blindly (this was before I hit IMBB), or just because they were cute, or just for the heck of it… *spank*
    IMBB made me wiser *jai ho* and now I am a smart buyer. 😛

  4. Awesome post nandini….. *pompom* Something which we all know but never follow…..
    I have so many body butters mists and lotions now that I am screed I will end up reaching their expiry date without finishing even 1/4 of it *headbang* I seriously stay away from lotions and body butters now *scared* *scared*

  5. Very well written Post.. problem comes while following these tips… *shy*
    I have so many shampoos and conditioner stocked up *hihi* I have to stop buying those

  6. Great post! Very useful 🙂
    Though the 2 in 1 shampooo and conditioner don’t work as good as the individual bottles.

  7. Useful post Nandini *thankyou* …I used to fall into the trap of trying anything that comes new to the market with cute packaging *hihi* . IMBB has made me a smart buyer now. Now I think and plan what to buy and avoid splurging on inplanned items…though its very diffucult to do *secret*

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