7 Ways to Save Your Arms from Tanning in this Scorching Heat

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It feels like this summer is going to be worse than ever. It’s just May and it already feels June & July. The most annoying thing about this weather is the stubborn tan. Your arms and feet look like they are not even yours when you compare the complexion with rest of the body. Today I would like to share some tips so that you don’t end up with badly tanned arms and hiding them all year long.
arm care for summer

1. Wear Sleeves:
If you travel by public transport, ride a two-wheeler, take a rickshaw or walk a lot to reach auto/bus stand, you need to get SLEEVES .Cloths act as a physical blocker for harsh sun rays. There is a variety of sleeves available in the markets and online. Skin colored are the best option to go for. You can go sleeveless with your tops and kurtas with the protection of these sleeves, as you can remove them when you reach your destination.

2. Sunscreen:
importance of sunscreen
Do I need to explain anything here? Sunscreen is a must. For Indian summers, you need to go for SPF 30+. Apply sunscreen15-20 minutes before going out. Don’t forget, it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours if you are continuously outside. The formulation of sunscreens has improved these days. There is gel sunscreen which mattifies skin and control oiliness. And then, there is moisturizing sunscreen for dry skinned beauties. Make sure you choose the right SPF and formulation.

3. Anti-Tan Packs:
Make an anti-tan pack at home with the ingredients easily available in your kitchen or get a hold of ready to use ones available in market . These packs restore the balance of the skin and provide nourishment to your skin. Anti-tan packs remove the deep seated dirt, grime and tan which a daily shower and usual cleansing can’t.

4. Cleansing Wipes:
cleansing wipes
Always keep cleansing wipes handy. Cleanse your arms and feet once you reach your college or workplace and then reapply your sunscreen. It doesn’t only act as an instant relief but also helps in getting rid of dirt and stickiness. Trust me you’ll feel fresh throughout the day. Again there is a wide range of cleansing wipes to choose from.

5. Moisturizer + Nourishing Oil:
At night, give your arms a nice massage with your favorite moisturizer. To maximize the benefit, add 3-4 drops of almond oil to your moisturizer. Massage until the moisturizer sinks into your skin, so that you don’t feel sticky-sticky throughout your beauty sleep. This trick will help in regaining the moisture you lose during day.

6. Exfoliation:
Even the most resistant monstrous tan dreads exfoliation. Crushed oats, honey, milk and a pinch of turmeric is my go-to exfoliator for arms and feet. Rub it circular motions, once it is 80% dry see the tan vanishing. If your skin is very sensitive, be as gentle as possible. Do moisturize well after exfoliating. Be kind to your skin and don’t step out in sun right after any exfoliation. It will reverse the effect of exfoliation.

7. Instead of shaving, go for waxing:
Waxing doesn’t only helps you in getting rid of unwanted hair but it also helps in getting rid of tan . Honey in wax brightens the complexion and removes tan. Whereas shaving leaves ingrown hairs which look bad and make your arms look very dark. Always get waxing done in the evening so that your freshly waxed skin is not further irritated with burning heat.

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  1. Very useful post. Havent heard of the sleeves before. My arms and face are badly tanned after my driving classes. 🙁

  2. Hey Anshu,I know summers are going to be worst this year.I hate summers,they freak me out.These useful and handy tips will definitely help us to save our arms from tanning badly in this scorching heat.

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