7 Ways to Select the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding

Today, I am going to enlighten all you brides-to-be about how to choose the best hairstyle for your D-day. Since, your hairstyle can make or break your entire appearance, I thought about jotting down a few points that you should look out for. Hope this helps. 🙂

Consider your wedding dress

indian bridal hairstyle

This goes without saying. The hairstyle you choose should match the theme and aura of your dress. It is obvious that each and every wedding dress out there is unique and pretty on its own. But, ask yourself if your wedding lehenga or gown is different enough to make a style statement. If yes is the answer, it is advisable to keep your hairstyle simple. You can try a low bun or even a dressy ponytail. However, if your dress is in pastel hues, you can experiment a lot in the hair department.

Weather at the venue

Your wedding will take place in a humid area or in colder climate, or is it going to be a monsoon wedding? Yes, you must consider the weather at the venue while selecting your bridal hairstyle. If your wedding is going to happen on a hot day or is an outdoor daytime wedding, you should totally opt for buns and styles that can keep your hair away from your face. In colder months, however, you can experiment and go for all sorts of hairstyles as you won’t be sweating.

Consider your hair type

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It is advisable to look out for a hairstyle that suits your hair type to avoid any last moment hair-tragedy. For example, if you have thin and fine hair then you should avoid curls since they mostly don’t last long on such hair types. You can add some hair extensions to create the an illusion of more volume. Similarly, if you have wavy or rough hair that is prone to frizziness, you should avoid using flat irons on your D-day and opt for classy wedding buns to get a polished look.

Neckline and the length of your dress’ sleeves

If your dress has a deep neckline and short sleeves, long and flowy hairstyles will flatter you the most. Whereas, if the neckline of your dress is relatively high and sleeves are long too, you might want to stick to buns and dressy ponytails.

Will you be covering your hair with a veil or a dupatta

Brides who have to keep their head covered throughout the ceremony, can opt for a nice bun or a side braid for their hair will mainly remain covered. If you plan to cover your head only for some part of the ceremony, say during pheras, you can go ahead and experiment with whichever hairstyle you wish, but make sure your hairstyle looks flattering with and without your veil. However, ask your stylist to do something that can stay in place without bothering you too much. Too many pins, teasing and hairspray can spoil your fun.


Decide if you will be wearing hair accessories

If you love tiaras and are thinking about wearing one on your wedding then you might want to do some research in advance. Alternatively, maang-tikas are very common in Indian weddings and if you have a statement maang tikaa handed over to you by your mother or grandmother, you will have to think about the ways in which you can sport it.

Wedding theme

Your hairstyle should revolve around your chosen wedding theme. For example, if you are going to have a beach wedding in Maldives, loose, wavy and flirty curls will be your best bet. Whereas, if your wedding theme is vintage, you might want to sport a retro look.

This is all for today, sweethearts. Hope this helped. 🙂

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