7 Ways to Soothe Yourself during Your Periods

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello peeps!

Hope you all are doing well. We all dread the arrival of our periods only because they can be quite uncomfortable and painful. So today, I am going to tell you about 7 ways through which you can soothe yourself, and make your body and mind feel better.

7 Ways to Soothe Yourself during Your Periods

1. Eat healthy
Healthy eating habits will definitely work for you when you are on your periods. Eat lots of salads made with fruits or veggies as per your taste and mood. You should eat clean, healthy foods and avoid junk, processed, spicy and fried foods. Take small meals throughout the day and drink lukewarm water to feel better. You can definitely devour some chocolates for they release happy hormones and will lift your spirits.

2. Read books or binge watch your favorite show
woman reading

We all know how can cramps and body ache ruin our day. Under such circumstances, we feel highly annoyed or frustrated. But instead of venting out your frustration on everyone, lose yourself in some relaxing hobbies like reading. If you have ample time, you can even catch up your favorite TV shows or watch some latest movies.

3. Drink warm beverages
Heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps affect our body but some warm beverages like green tea, regular tea and coffee can sooth us and also reduce our menstrual pain. Avoid the consumption of cold beverages and foods like ice cream and carbonated drinks if you don’t want to feel more bloated.

4. Take enough rest
During periods, you should forget your daily hectic routine and try to take some rest on atleast your most painful day. Proper rest, if you can manage to get this luxury, is the best way to reenergise and rejuvenate.

5. Indulge in a hot bath
Hot water always comforts your body during periods and also alleviates pain. Take hot water bath to feel comfortable and relaxed. I try this one all the time, and trust me it’s a mind blowing technique to self–soothe during periods.

6. Do gentle exercise and yoga
woman doing yoga

Do low intensity exercises and yoga like normal walking and meditation as this will help with the flow but will not strain the body. Try some stretching as this gives you relief from body ache and soothes your body too. Meditation is a great way to relax the mind and to feel emotionally stronger.

7. Hot water bottle massage
hot bottle for periods

Girls who face way too much pain and heavy flow should keep a hot water bottle near them during their periods. Massage gently on your abdomen area where you feel discomfort. You can also rub some soothing body oil for better experience. In my opinion, most of us must avoid popping the pill during this time for it might show some side-effects.

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