7 Ways To Treat Pimples Using Household Items

Acne can be a tough skin problem to deal with, since it is so noticeable. We have all been guilty of squeezing out that pimple just a day before a hot date or a special occasion to get rid of it. However, this only makes the problem worse and can lead to unsightly scars. However, you need not splurge on expensive products when you need a quick fix. There are some marvels you can find right on your kitchen shelf or medicine cabinet! Read on to know what these things are and how they can fix your acne issues.

Clear Acne Scars

1. Salt: Want to make that zit less noticeable? Mix a pinch of salt with a little bit of water, and dab it on to the pimple. It’s not a sure-fire fix but it’s worth trying when you’re rushed for time. It will reduce the size of the pimple, making it much less noticeable. Try not to overdo it though, because if you use it over a large area of skin, it could dry it out and lead to more acne.

2. Lemon juice: Lemon juice is a miracle beauty product from your kitchen. Apart from removing tan, did you know that it works as natural bleach and kills bacteria? Pimples form due to bacteria and lemon disinfects the skin. It can also remove or reduce marks from older pimples. Again, be careful not to use too much or it can lead to discolouration.

7 Ways To Treat Pimples Using Household Items

3. Ginger: If a pimple is angry and red and making that spot on your face all inflamed, try grabbing a piece of adrak or ginger. Shred it nicely and place the small pieces on top of the pimple. The juice will reduce the swelling and redness.

4. Disprin: Apart from getting rid of your headache, Disprin or any kind of aspirin can also help. Crush the pill, or scrap it into a dust using clean scissors. Mix it with a bit of water to make a paste and apply it on to the pimple. Let it dry – it will make the pimple smaller and remove redness.

7 Ways To Treat Pimples Using Household Items

5. Eye drops: Add a drop or two of normal eyedrops to your pimple – this is a great fix when you are in a panic or hurry to attend an interview or make a great first impression. It is anti inflammatory and makes the pimple less noticeable.

6. Beetroot and Sugar Scrub: Take half a beetroot, grate it, and extract the juice. Add 1 tbsp of sugar and use this scrub on acne-prone skin. Beetroot juice is rich in vitamin C, clears acne, reduces oiliness, and prevents breakouts and zits.

7. Ice: Of course, ice is a basic first aid for any sort of skin emergency, and this includes pimples! It soothes and calms the area so that your face doesn’t look all angry and red. Apply it carefully though and don’t keep it on for too long, even ice can burn skin if use is prolonged.

7 Ways To Treat Pimples Using Household Items

Hope this post was useful to you all – sometimes these quick hacks can make life so much easier, and there are so many things in our daily life that can come in handy for just about anything!

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  1. I am guilty as charged *scared* *cry* great tips..I am really going to need these as everytime I have to go out pimple pops up *spank*

  2. i use good old toothpaste…the white ones..it reduces the pain,swelling and redness overnight!!! *haan ji* *haan ji*

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