7 Ways to Use Facial Mists

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Hope you’re doing well. I am so happy to write my 50th article for IMBB. And my 50th article is on facial mists. Do you wonder whenever you spot a facial mist you need to spray some water on your face or how it is different from toner? Actually facial mists are just not plain H2O. It is more than that. Unlike plain tap water some facial mists contain hydrating properties which hydrate your skin and some refreshes or have soothing properties. There are various kinds of facial mists or sprays available in the market like thermal or mineral water mists. But choosing the right one that will suit your skin is very important or else you’ll end up making your skin dry.

facial mist

Facial mists looked like another marketing gimmick to me when it first arrived in the beauty market. I thought spraying tap water would be wiser than spending on these bottles. But recently, I discovered how it is different from our tap water and learned many ways to make use of it. Facial mist is one such product which we do not mind using both in summer as well as winter. Once you learn the benefits of facial mists it would become one of those essential items to carry inside your bag always like lipstick and compact.

If you have facial mist but yet not figured out how to use the product then below points will help you to turn the confused product into a magical one!

1) For locking more moisture :-


If you’ve extremely dry skin and need more hydration, then use facial mist as toner after cleaning your face and then apply moisturizer of your choice. Facial mist will help in opening the pores and will let the moisturizer sink deep inside the inner layer of your skin.

2) For diluting your foundation or creams:-

diluting foundation

It is just impossible to use thick foundations or creams when the weather is terribly hot and humidity is also high. But forsaking makeup is also not the desirable solution for us no matter how tough situation is. So you may use mix your facial mists to dilute your thick foundation and creams before application. Mixing both together you’ll get a light weight texture of your choice.

3) For better pigmentation:-

eyeshadow and brush

If you’re not happy with the pigmentation of any of your eye shadow then spray facial mist on your brush before application and you’ll get better pigmentation.

4) For setting your makeup:-

Spray facial mists once you’re done with your face makeup. But remember to hold it 5 or 6 inches away from your face. Wait for a minute then blot off the excess with a tissue. This technique will give you dewy finish and also help the make up to stay longer than the usual.

5) For baby skin:-

baby skin

Don’t we all miss the soft and glowing skin of our childhood? If you want it back just spray mist after every step of your CTM routine and primer. This will give you all plump and hydrated skin just like a baby.

6) For hydrating your skin:-

Often when we travel we do not consume enough water to keep our skin hydrated. Hydrating our skin with a lotion or cream outdoors can make the situation worse for our skin. Therefore, practical solution to this problem is to carry facial mist wherever you go and spray it on your face whenever your skin craves for hydration.

7) For touch ups:-

refreshing makeup

Attending an event which is more than 7-8 hrs long is very challenging for girls as makeup starts fading away after that time. Touch ups are inevitable no matter how busy we are. Following the CTM routine again is not an option while doing touch ups. Therefore, just spray facial mist, let it dry and then apply and blend all your makeup. Your makeup will blend easily and will also give dewy finish to your look.

So now you know how to use your facial mists apart from just refreshing your skin. Do you use facial mists? Is there any other way to make use of it? Please do share your views on facial mists 

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