7 Ways to Whiten and Brighten Teeth

A beautiful smile can catch everyone’s fancy. Don’t you agree? A beautiful smile is a sign of confidence and is appreciated by everyone. But, due to factors like unhealthy lifestyle and polluted water, many people are facing dental health related issues. Yellow teeth, pale teeth, decay – these are just a few signs that you need to pay more attention to your dental health. So, here are some ways through which you can whiten and brighten your teeth and get a more attractive smile and better dental health.
Ways to Whiten and Brighten Teeth

1. Eat strawberries

Berries are great for every woman’s health anyway, and strawberries especially can do wonders to your teeth. Strawberries contain an enzyme called malic acid and also Vitamin C that can help whiten your teeth. They also help in removing stains from your teeth, if any. So don’t forget to chew them well for best results.

2. Lemon juice and baking soda

lemon and baking soda
Lemon juice and baking soda perform excellently while treating yellow teeth. Both the ingredients react together to give you a sparkling smile. You have to brush with this solution only once a week. Don’t use too much baking soda because it can be harmful to tooth enamel and stop immediately if you feel any irritation. The best way to use this solution is to mix the ingredients together and then apply the paste with a cotton swab. Now, wait for one minute and spit that solution and clean your teeth with lukewarm water. Then brush your teeth gently and take a look at your bright pearlies.

3. Use straw for drinking fluids

Some fluids like tea, coffee, aerated drinks and wine can cause damage to your teeth. But I know reducing the intake of these beverages is impossible. So, take the better route and drink these with a straw instead.

4. Flossing

dental floss
Flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. Flossing can remove all the staining from your teeth and help you improve the health of your teeth. Even though flossing isn’t directly related to white teeth, it helps by keeping your teeth healthy in the long run.

5. Eat healthy veggies

Some crunchy fruits and veggies are amazing for your teeth too. Go for carrots, apples, celery, cucumber and chew them well. The nutrients and acid present in these foods can easily clean your teeth and make your teeth bright and free of stains.

6. Oil pulling

oil pulling
There is a detailed article about Oil Pulling that you can read here. All you need is an organic oil and a few minutes, and you get white, bright and clean teeth. It does not only clean your teeth but also takes care of your full complete dental health.

7. Brushing

Brushing is a no brainer! But, here is what you need to do. Take turmeric and coconut oil and make a paste. Now, brush your teeth with this paste, without worrying about the staining as these ingredients won’t stain your teeth. Keep this paste on your teeth for around 5 minutes and then rinse well. Now, brush with your normal brush and with your normal paste. Tada! White and perfect teeth!

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