7 Wonderful Makeup Tips for Aging Skin by Lisa Eldridge

With aging skin, it is hard to achieve a flawless makeup look. The pores, fine lines, pigmentation, and tricky combination skin are hurdles in your way, after all. Wrong products and techniques can make your skin look cakey, blotchy, and worst – 10 years older. So, let’s use some tips by pro makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, who is currently the global creative director of Lancome. She is a goddess herself; by her skin and makeup, you would never be able to guess that she is a mother of two.
7 Wonderful Makeup Tips for Aging Skin by Lisa Eldridge

1. Do not powder the whole face

luxury loose powder
Make sure you don’t powder your entire face. Aging skin is mostly dry or combination. If you have an oily T-zone, powder your T-zone only. If your skin is dry, you don’t really need a powder at all; that will just add a layer and lead to cakiness. It might also emphasize the imperfections on your face.

2. Lift the shadows, don’t highlight

primer for fine lines
Most of the makeup tutorials include the contouring and highlighting ritual. With aging skin, you really need to work to define and lift your face. That regular contouring and highlighting routine won’t help you. Use a color correcting, hydrating and light reflecting concealer to cover those undereye shadows. Use super gentle tap-tap motion to blend and set your concealer. And, never forget – less is more. Go for great pigmentation. Always use fine line filling primer as a base for under-eye makeup.

3. Eye tints are your best friends

eye makeup using eye tints
Forget those tricky combinations of crease color, inner eye brightener, dark v-corner you usually try to pull off. With age, your eyelids start to become hooded and it’s hard to get that perfect canvas to play with. Using eye tints can make you look younger. Eye tints give a beautiful, natural sheen to your lids and reflect light making your deep set eyes pop.

4. Use brown eyeliner and smudge

brown eyeliner
Brown eyeliners look beautiful on aging eyes. Just draw a messy line and smudge it . You will get depth and definition without much efforts. Straight lines with liquid liners, especially black ones, do not gel with mature faces.

5. Treat your skin like a baby

Be the gentlest gentle on your skin while applying primer, foundation and concealer. The more you drag and pull, the more you stretch your skin. This way, foundation and concealer will settle deep into the pores and fine lines, giving you an uneven look. Use your fingers to blend because they warm up the product and then they blend better. Avoid vigorous use of brushes.

6. Contour that brow

eyebrow contouring
Unicoloured brows can be a little off for a mature face. Use a dark and one shade lighter color on your brows to define them. Use lighter pigment from the inner corner and graduate to darker till the ends of your brows. Make these two colors meet harmoniously and blend well using a spoolie.

7. Fake fuller lashes

fuller eyelshes
I love this trick and use it myself. Aging makes your eye lashes sparse. And, fuller lashes make you look younger and your eyes pretty. The trick is to dot a black and brown mixed creamy eye pencil very very close to your lash line (before any eyeliner). Then, using an ear bud, drag it very gently downwards and blend it. You’ll be able to fake fuller lashes and add a nice definition to aging eyes.

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