7 Wonderful Tips to Get Rid of Oily T-Zone

By Chanchala Bose

Having an oily skin is strange; it acts as a boon in the winters but a bane in the summers. If not taken good care of, it can even make the oil secrete from the face and make it look all sticky and unhealthy. There are a few tips and tricks for the girls who want to get rid of the oily t-zones. They must make the following tips an essential part of their daily beauty routine. So, buckle up and read on.

fresh makeup face

1. Cleanse

Using the right cleanser is one of the best things that you can do to your face. There are multiple options flowing in the market but you have to face the reality that only a few of them are suitable for your skin. For the oily skin divas, the trick is to choose a cleanser without the alcohol content and make sure that you cleanse your face at least twice a day.

2. Moisturize

apply primer

Most moisturizers make things worse for the girls with oily skin, but there are many others which perfectly set down well on the skin. Moisturizing needs to be done irrespective of your skin type and there happens to be many water-based moisturizers around that are good for the oily skin types. Just look around, find and apply a moisturizer to your face every time after washing the face.

3. Masks

Face masks can make for a great ally when it comes to making the skin look all great and oil-free. There are some great face masks that are available for the oily skin. What they basically do is that they suck off the extra oil from the skin and make it fresh and super smooth. Look around for the clay mask or the tea-tree oil masks.

4. Blot

oil blotting sheet

After you put on the makeup, it may seem all good. But in case you are one of those with the oily skin, you may see a shine on your face which looks undesirable. You don’t need to redo the entire makeup whenever the oil shows up. You just need to buy a good blotting paper. Blotting it out will fix the problem without messing with your makeup.

5. Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is always a better choice than the loose powder when it comes to getting rid of the dreaded t-zone. It is the recommendation of many leading makeup experts. It’s heavier and will easily suck off the excess oil from your face and give you a great matte feel to your skin.

6. Matte Foundation

matte foundation

A matte foundation that is oil-free can do wonders to your face in more than one ways. It will give your face a shiny touch along with taking care of the excess oil on the face. The right foundation can make the makeup look flawless. This is most importantly crucial for those with oily skin type. Getting the makeup right is more of a challenge for them after all.

7. Priming is the key

Priming your face right before putting on heavy makeup is very essential to keep away the extra oil from ruining your look. If the primer is not available, you can also use a good branded matte cream or gel for your face and this will lead you well to the goal of looking fresh all day.
This is not very hard of an exercise to look good all the time. There are many ways to do that but for the oily skinned women, the options are very few. Playing it smartly will work just fine for you. But always remember, whoever you are, you are very beautiful.

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