8 Amazing Creams to Treat your Face Rashes

Face rashes are nightmares for all of us and can happen even when you are maintaining the most perfect skin care routine. Excessive sun exposure, new skin care product, pollution and even threading can cause rashes. When not treated, the rash can get worse and lead to permanent scars on the skin. In this post, I will tell you about 10 creams that can be used to treat the rashes. While some of these are medicated, others are from beauty and skin care brands. Go through the list and pick the one that suits your need.

face rash

1. Nadibact Plus:

This cream contains antibacterial and anti-fungal chemicals along with mild dose of steroid. While it prevents bacteria and fungus from growing, the steroid blocks the production of chemicals that can cause the irritation and rash. This is a great medicated cream to use after threading as it prevents the irritation and stops any rash from appearing.

2. Dermadew

This is a caloe lotion that you will get in the medicine store. This lotion has both calamine and aloe that soothes the skin and reduces the rashes. If you have sudden redness and itching sensation on the face, this one will surely give temporary relief.

3. Cloderm Cream

This is a super affordable corticosteroid cream. It soothes down redness, itchiness and any kind of swelling on the skin. This is a general medicine prescribed for rashes.

4. Khadi Natural Aloevera Gel with Liqorice and Cucumber Extracts

Aloe vera is at any time great for your skin to soothe, heal and cool it down. This one form Khadi is the best and safest option available in the market. It gives temporary relief to any bad rash and stops you from scratching it and making it worse. While the aloe gel can prevent and heal minor rashes like mild sun burn or threading rash, for fungal rashes, you must consult a doctor to get proper medicine.

5. Rotac Ointment

This is a tacrolimus cream used to treat eczema. This is an immunosuppressive drug that is recommended when other medications fail. Although it is super effective, it is better to use it only after consulting a doctor.

6. Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

While all of us get tanned in the sun, for a few it causes irritation and redness on the skin. This cream can be a savior for such cases. It soothes and cools the skin as soon as you apply it. It cures the itchiness completely within a few hours and leaves you with clean and healthy skin.

7. Clotrimazole

This is a common medicine for fungal rashes on the face commonly known as facial candidiasis. It kills the fungus and prevents the spreading.

8. Nistin

When the clotrimazole fails to work, this cream containing Nystatin is prescribed. Nystatin kills the fungus by preventing the formation of their outer protective layer. This medicine is again recommended to be used following the doctor’s prescription.

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