8 Amazing Tricks to Add Drama to Big Eyes

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Girls with big eyes are lucky, they don’t need to spend time or efforts in faking bigger eyes. But some makeup tricks can transform the look for such beauties too, without exaggerating the eyes. In this post, I will share the tricks that girls with big eyes should follow for enhancing their beauty.
8 Amazing Tricks to Add Drama to Big Eyes

1. Go shimmery on your lids

A shimmery touch on the upper lid can indeed take the eye makeup game to a different level. Apply some shimmer shadow on the upper lids, and line with a dark matte liner, very close to the natural lash line for added drama.

2. Coat your lower lashes

applying mascara
Instead of layering mascara on the upper lashes, use liberal coats of volumizing mascara on the lower lashes. It adds definition and creates a balanced look.

3. White shadow for freshness

While white shadow are great friends of women with small eyes, big eyes look fresh and bright with the right touch of white shadow. Remember to go light handed with the shadow and use on the corner of the eyes.

4. White shadow for definition

white eyeliner
As big eyes are mostly oval and lack sharpness, you need to have defined brows. Use white shadow or highlighter under the brow bone to make eyes stand out.

5. Grooming is essential

Since your eyes catch attention first, it’s essential to keep your brows groomed. Make sure you maintain the shape and arch of your brows, and avoid overgrowth. A good brow kit can also take care of any brow issues.

6. Priming is must

Bigger upper lids face issues with improper blending or short stay time. So, a good primer can save the day by keeping lids oil free, easing blending ability and improving wear time.

7. Dark toned colors suit you

To highlight and balance your eyes, along with your other features, it’s better to use deeper and richer hues which bring out the inherent beauty of your eyes. Also, matte colors work best for you.

8. Winged liner for regular wear

winged eyeliner
Tough time finding your signature eye makeup? You can rock the winged liner like no other, as the simple flick can add definition and depth to your look. Just tightline your eyes and keep your lower lid free. Voila!

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  1. Do you have any tips for eyes with big lids, my lids don’t roll over too much like most of the people, that’s why any eye makeup appears just too much. How to apply eye-shadow perfectly without looking ghost.

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