8 Beauty Benefits of Cranberries for Skin and Hair

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I totally love how cranberries appear: glossy deep red in color and round in shape. The taste of cranberries is very strong yet beautiful. You can eat them or drink their juice, but it is advisable to dilute the unsweetened juice of cranberry before consuming. Cranberries are the rich source of antioxidants and offer many benefits for your skin, hair and health. You can use cranberries in your DIY recipes or can use cranberry-infused beauty products. Let’s read further to know more.

Premature ageing

Premature ageing can be because of many factors. Adding cranberries to your diet or applying topically can prevent premature ageing of your skin and hair. Cranberry is a rich source of antioxidants, which promote the growth of new cells. Apart from this, antioxidants help in eliminating the free radicals from your skin, making it healthy. Using cranberry-infused beauty products can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Firm skin

All the antioxidants and vitamin C present in the cranberries boost collagen production. Collagen helps the blood vessels to carry the oxygen and nutrients beneath the skin. This helps in making your skin soft, firm and, of course, younger. On the other hand, vitamin C in cranberries helps in reducing the inflammation, too.

Skin toning

Cranberries carry a lot of enzymes which exfoliate the dead skin cells while adding a subtle glow to your skin. This factor helps in controlling the excess sebum production, hence cranberries are no less than a blessing for oily skinned ladies. Cranberries also offer natural astringent properties and reduce the pores. Vitamins present in cranberries also lighten your skin tone. This, in turn, makes your skin even toned and radiant.

Toning of lips

Cranberries can act as natural lip gloss. They effectively help in treating dry and pigmented lips. If you use cranberries topically, your lips will become depigmented, soft and radiant. You can use cranberry juice, cranberry-infused lip gloss or balm or cranberry paste to see visible results.

Acne treatment

Because of the antiseptic properties, cranberries can effectively treat your acne. They can reduce the size of your pimples and treat other skin infections. Vitamin C, which is already present in cranberries, reduces redness and lightens post acne marks. On the other hand, antioxidants present in cranberries can soothe the skin.

Improved hair growth

Cranberries contain a very high amount of vitamin A and C. Both of these vitamins promote healthy hair. Cranberry shampoo or juice for your hair can repair the hair follicles. Healthy hair follicles help in promoting the growth of healthy hair. Apart from this, cranberries can treat split ends and make your hair look lustrous.

Say goodbye to dandruff

Cranberries are known for their antifungal and antiseptic properties. Hence, they can treat your scalp problems like dandruff and itching with ease. When you use cranberry rinse for your hair, it effectively cleanses your scalp and gives all the nutrients to your hair. Cranberries also can be applied topically to the scalp to treat dandruff. You can use cranberry shampoo, too, as they are widely available in the market.

A natural hair dye

Rinsing your hair with cranberries can give your hair a nice and subtle red tint. If you already have red hair, it can be used to enhance the look. It will add a beautiful colour to your hair temporarily without damaging your tresses.

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