8 Best Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes



We all love to enhance the natural features of our face such as the eye color with makeup, but are there certain colors that do the job even better? Yes! In this post, discover the colors of eyeliners and eye shadows for different eye looks that bring out the best of blue eyes.

Best Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

1. Basic Black or Brown: The sharp contrast between a dark black eyeliner against the piercing blue color looks very chic. The sharp lines give a very bold and daring look. Using a brown shade makes the look subtle but still makes one look sassy. The same goes for brown or black smoky eyes, especially during the night. Who knew such basic colors could be used to play up the eyes?

2. Jewel-Toned Colors: Colors like emerald green, amethyst purple and even royal blue can lift the eye makeup look. It brings out the blue in the eyes. Make sure to use different shades of blue so that the blue color of the eye is not lost. As an eyeliner, apply a thick line and wing it.

Emerald Green eyeshadow

3. Soft Metallic Colors: Any metallic shade works well, but gold and copper work the best. Opt for a shimmer or glitter shadow depending on the occasion. These also work excellently as eyeliners as they add sparkle to the eyes.

4. Iridescent Colors: Look for light colors like icy blues with silver reflex as well as lilacs and peaches with gold reflex. All of these shades work amazingly well with blue eyes as they lift the look in a very subtle manner. The holographic effect brings out the softness of the eyes while still keeping the look glam. Again, these work well as eyeliners that catch the light when you blink.

5. Charcoal Grey: This is a very underrated color suitable for blue eyes, whether used as an eye shadow or eyeliner. It helps to add certain smokiness to any eye look. A smudged charcoal liner gives the impression of a very laidback, effortless look. To make the look more messy and wild, the eye shadow can be applied on the eyelids to create a blown out effect.

6. Taupe: This color works best as an everyday shade for those with pale blue eyes. A brighter shade of brown will make pale eyes appear paler. So a cool toned taupe shade works both as an eyeliner and for creating a smoky eye look.

gold eyeshadow

7. Terracotta: Adding a terracotta shade on the eyelid creates a soft contrast between the blue color of the eyes. A rust colored shadow works as well. Both colors add a warm, desert princess vibe. For a more structured look, a rust or terracotta eyeliner can be used as well.

8. Neutral Colors: Sometimes less is more when it comes to blue eyes and neutral colors work well as everyday shades for enhancing the eyes. Pick shades like matte peaches, mauve pinks, chocolate browns and beiges. The darker shades can be used in the crease or as eyeliners. The lighter shades can be used for keeping the eyelid light and soft.

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