8 Bridal Makeup and Beauty Rules to Ignore!

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Some established rules are followed for bridal makeup! Well, it is 21st century and we can wear whatever we desire, right? We are giving a list of rules to ignore for bridal makeup.

8 Bridal Makeup and Beauty Rules to Ignore!

1. You need heavy makeup:

8 Bridal Makeup and Beauty Rules to Ignore!

It totally depends upon an individual. No one said that you will need heavy makeup for your D-day or you won’t look good otherwise. If you are not comfortable with heavy makeup, then don’t go for it. It is your day and do what pleases you!

2. Wear an elaborate bindi:


If you want it, then flaunt it by all means. Earlier, brides used to have elaborated bindi styles, all above their brow area too. If you would like that old world charm, then go ahead, otherwise you can also opt for smaller and simpler bindi with heavy maang-tika style.

3. Opt for a tied-up hairstyle:


Brides have been going for tied up bun styles for ages now and you don’t have to carry on the trend in your own wedding too. You can opt for various open hair or braid styles for your precious day.

4. Use a lot shimmer:

You don’t have to be a shine factory for your makeup to show on your face. You would want a luminescent glow and not a greasy looking face on your wedding day. Apply shimmer only on key points and remember to blend really well. Also, make sure that shimmers are not chunky.

5. Unwashed hair makes for a better hairstyle:

Don’t fret if you washed your hair on your wedding day, just because you thought your hair will look better and feel cleaner. Hair stylists have a lot of hair products which can help you get the hair-do of your dreams, no matter when you washed your hair.

6. Wear dramatic eyes or lips, but not both:


On any normal day, one would like to highlight only one of the features but on your wedding day, you can afford to go a bit overboard. You can have beautiful eye makeup with vibrant lippie. You don’t have to choose one of the two, just remember to complement the shades well.

7. Wear a gajra to adorn the hair:


If your hair-do demands floral accessories, then by all means go for it! don’t opt for a gajra just because someone else told you so.

8. Use only red or pink lipsticks:

lip makeup

They are deemed as conventional bridal colours but that does not mean you will feel any less bride-y, if you won’t wear them. There are countless beautiful shades available and you can take your pick, considering your personal preference and your outfit and makeup.

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