8 Cardinal Rules to Wear Sheer Clothing

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Sheer clothing trend is one trend that never goes away. It keeps on reinventing itself. There are so many things that can go wrong with sheer clothes, but if you carry them in the right way, sheer clothes really do make quite a style statement. Well here is a guide to wear sheer clothes well and not make a fashion faux pas!

8 Cardinal Rules to Wear Sheer Clothing

1. Shop for sheers wisely
Do not buy anything just because it looks good. Try it on before buying and check the sheers out from all angles in the trial room. Check how it sits on your body frame and consider your undergarment options.

2. Layer them well
layeringSheers clothes look so good when they act as peek-a-boo in your outfit. You can add a blazer or a jacket on top to lend just a hint of sheer to your outfit. You will also be able to wear this trend to your office if you know the art of layering.

3. Choose sheers in prints
printed sheerIf you are going for sheer clothes in various prints and textures then those will help to provide more coverage to the body. It is for those who are intimidated by transparent and sheer clothes in monotones.

4. Keep them loose
looseDo not go for body hugging, tight sheer blouses but rather opt for free flowing ones. Slightly flowy sheer blouses look so chic as compared to the ones that are too tight.

5. Create a structure
As you will be going for slightly looser blouse, do not forget to wear something fitted as your bottoms. Fitted trousers or skirts complement free flowing sheer blouses well and also provide structure to your whole body.

6. Tuck them in
tucked in sheer topGo for a slightly loose sheer buttoned up shirt and tuck it in a high waisted trouser or skirt. This is a great look and will be apt for your shopping outings with your friends.

7. Use the proper undergarments
tubeSheer clothes can turn from fab to a fashion disaster in no time if you are not wearing the right undergarments. Wear a bra that will hide your assets in the best possible way. You can wear camis or tube tops underneath your sheer blouse for an opaque layer underneath.

8. Pick the proper accessories
Chunky necklaces with peeking elements can scratch and pull at the materials which can cause shredding of the sheer fabrics. So opt for lighter chain-like neckpieces to wear with your sheer tops.

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  1. Hi this post comes at a good time. I bought a long flared cotton dress (comes almost to the ankles) and was wondering what inners would work best. Should I go for a long slip or simply tell the tailor to stitch a lining?

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