8 Clever Clothing Hacks to Save Time and Money!

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Have you started enjoying whimsical winters like me? How many times have you faced an embarrassing situation just because of your clothes? Well, there is nothing to hide because sometimes it happens when you do not really feel comfortable even in your favorite clothes. Some unwanted cuts and stains may take you away from the outfits you love to wear. Imagine a situation, when you are getting late for work and suddenly you got to fix your collar or a minor cut on your favorite shirt. Thankfully, there are some life-saving hacks to get along with any clothing defects that will not only save your money but also time. The list of such helpful tricks is given below.

Easy Clothing Hacks to Save Time and Money

1. Permanent markers for stubborn stains – if you have been avoiding a cloth only because of a stubborn stain over it, you are definitely making a mistake. Take a permanent marker of the color that matches with the cloth and cover that stain portion with the marker. As it is a permanent marker, it would never get vanished.

Easy Clothing Hacks to Save Time and Money3

2. Hair straightener for ironing clothes – what will you do when you notice that your laundryman has not ironed your formal button-down properly and especially the collar? Instead of feeling like angry hulk, pick your hair straightener and simply iron your collars and cuffs (if remained). Thus, you will accomplish the mission within the deadline.

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3. Ringlet or a rubber band to hold the zip – after a span of time, the zip of a pant becomes lose and does not stay on its place. In that case, take a ringlet or a rubber band and fix it with the zip and when you wear the pant, simply zip it up and suspend the ringlet/rubber band on the button of your pant. You do not need a zip holder anymore.

Easy Clothing Hacks to Save Time and Money2

4. Talcum powder to remove oil stains – oil spots are not easy to remove, but if you apply some talcum powder immediately, it will be easier to wash it off from your cloth even when you clean it later.

5. Solution of vinegar and cold water for leather – you cannot wash the stains off from leather. To remove any unwanted spot from your leather jacket, belt or boots, make a liquid solution by adding cold water into vinegar. Now, apply it to the spot and see the magic.

6. Lace it up to add grace – Do you own a gifted dress or footwear that you have not dared to wear yet? Laces are made to add grace to any boring stuff. Analyze where you can add it in your outfit/footwear and cut a piece of lace accordingly. Now, apply glue and paste it in a designer pattern. See how simple is that?

7. Save your flattering footwear with nail lacquers – what do you do when you see a dent on your footwear? Do you throw them? Just take a nail lacquer of matching shade and polish over the dent. Hence the blemish will be vanished. Problem solved!

Easy Clothing Hacks to Save Time and Money4

8. Trick to wear boots on wide-bottom denim pants – boots can be easily worn over pencil jeans and cigarette jeans but it becomes little tricky to wear knee high boots on wide-bottom pants. Simply wear a sock and tuck in the pant as it is easier to tuck broad bottoms within the sock as compared to boots. Now wear your boots effortlessly.

Do you think if these tips are helpful? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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